The Sioma X project has as its “task”, or we can say that its essence is to lead the individual users as individual consciousnesses in a given time and space to become aware of themselves and their own life path, which they have chosen here to manifest themselves within the whole structure we call life, existence, being, which is always in harmonious alignment to each of its manifestations.

The wisdom of life defines the life of every human being. If one is brought up in life wisdom, then life wisdom fills one’s life. If a person is raised in ignorance of reality, then that person is “trapped” in ignorance of reality until he or she accepts the reality being experienced and takes responsibility into his or her own “hands” and begins to actively do what he or she finds fulfilling at that particular moment.

The key to this project is connecting to one’s own essence. There are many ways to embrace a truly whole consciousness as part of the self, part of manifestation in this environment, but first we always need to let go of all the dogmas that have shaped our lives to date. Once we let go of our dogmas, we become whole, but there is a “long” path to this that will open up new gates of knowledge that have been locked until now.

Marek Szweda
~ Founder of the Sioma X Project ~




Don't be afraid of change

Through the understanding of the principle of change, to achieve elevation above any distress, for if you attain and accept the experience, you can then freely dispose of it and change it. The first step, however, is to accept all that is as part of life and therefore of yourself.

Be yourself

To be in harmony with oneself is to encompass all that constitutes one, whether it be the subconscious, the conscious, the superconscious - the mind, the heart, the body - the heavens and the earth - into one complete and whole image of oneself, where there will be nothing to separate but everything as it should be.

To know and experience

Many regard their human experiences - their experiences - as something that is meant to hurt them. However, those who understand and embrace life in its essence will discover that every experience is a gift to move a little further again in the knowledge of what life really is and what it offers us in our life's journey.


~ Tripple Mystery ~


“Life offers everyone a plethora of possibilities, which only he, of his own free will, accepts into his life, or lets them float on the waves of time and space of life itself.”

“Here incredible possibilities are offered to you, for when the incredible becomes believable, then that gate of knowledge opens which brings the highest gifts.”


Everyone's life desires lead them to where they really belong. If one follows the path of happiness as fulfillment in life, then enlightenment will come.

The power of change

Just as the sun fills every corner of the universe with its light, be a force for change where you desire to manifest and change what seems permanent.

To be the change

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, transform yourself from the dust into the form closest to you - you have the power to change yourself into who you desire to be. Take advantage of it.


To live one's life as leaves fall from a tree in the wind and follow the flow of life through the sacred path that is in harmony with life.


To be human ... However, everyone should answer for himself what it means to be one, for the definition of man is what he really is.

To be sacred

What does it mean for you to be sacred? Does it mean to be holy? Does it mean to be yourself? Does it mean to study in temples? ... No! 😉 Only you know the answer! 😉


To be bad? To be good? But what does this mean? Be as you want to be, for the sacredness of your being in the world is in your hands.

The art of harmony

To be still, to be part of life, is also connected to accepting what life is bringing to you right now. Be those who manifest your wisdom through your stillness.

To be part of the whole

You are already creating together with everyone this world where you are right now. Join where you want to join right now, for to create in harmony with others is the ultimate dream.

“The Sioma X Project was once upon a time a community whose members dedicated themselves to learning about the nature of being and through the active application of this knowledge in the course of their journeys, they came to know themselves and the very nature of life through their own unique life journeys.

The Sioma X Project has been and continues to be sanctified by the energy of the Father-Source, as an essential teaching program that, when fully enrolled, enables the user to break free from the bonds of ignorance through active knowledge through a conscious path of action.

Mark, as the founder of this community, now has the opportunity, and the resulting obligation, at this time, in this incarnation, to provide what this project brings to people here and now. For the energy that this project inherently contains will allow people to actively tap into the potential that is being empowered through the active use of countless consciousnesses and their countless incarnations, manifestations throughout the world. That is so.”

Master Toruka

~ Patron of the SIOMA X Project ~


Marek Szweda

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