Who is Master Toruka? … This is a very difficult question to answer, for to answer who someone is is the most difficult question that accompanies life in all its manifestations throughout the world. So let us be kind and let Master Toruka himself define himself by his energies, which can come to you if you are truly open to them, and perhaps his wisdom will manifest through the manifestation of what you really desire most – in the knowledge of the pure manifestation of life itself.

If one is open to the truth, then that truth will bring into one’s life that fruit of knowledge which will nourish and fill what seems empty. For when the cup of knowledge that seems empty is filled, then man can taste the fruits of his life.

“Be yourself, for no one else will live your life for you.”



Embracing duality in unity

The incorporation of the dualistic principle within unity will enable a given person to perceive the world through a completely different lens, which will provide him with entirely new possibilities.

The view determines reality

Once a person adopts a particular view of life, he thereby imprisons himself within his dogma. Once one allows life itself to manifest, only then does one see real life.

Contemplation of reality

What is reality, what is reality, what is the world and life? ... We have the answers within ourselves, like that fountain of knowledge which we must first drink.

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The e-book has 72 pages of A5 format.


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