Marek Szweda



What does it mean for me to be a philosopher? … It is a way of life to gradually discover what life really is and through active conscious experience to enrich one’s life with new, hitherto unrecognized things.

I believe that everyone has that Divine Spark within him that fills him with life, if he allows it to manifest in his life. We can call it the Higher Self, we can call it Destiny, we can call it God, … But it is always a free decision of each person which path they take in life.

The philosophy of life influences everyone very much, because it is the philosophy of life that determines the way each person looks at the reality he or she is currently experiencing. One can be in the position of a victim or a creator … One can enjoy one’s life or just survive … It is one’s free choice which way one wants to go. Be simply who you desire to be and fill your path with the essence of life.



“If I told you that any philosophical system limits your consciousness, would you continue reading this page… :))

There is no man who is without his own philosophy of life, whether he is aware of it or not. This philosophy of life leads each person in his or her own direction, where he or she gathers individual personal experiences and thus gains a continually broader insight into what life is all about. Some are imprisoned by their philosophy of life and some, on the other hand, are liberated by their philosophy of life. I consider one of the key moments to be the realization that no philosophy of life is complete, for if one immerses oneself in one’s views, one begins to miss everything that is outside of this “limiting” view that one has adopted as one’s own.

I would say that in the beginning, the “best” philosophy of life is the acceptance of a few basic aspects of life applicable to everyday life, which we will deal with on this page, as I myself consider them to be the most valuable ones that can open many “gates” in life.


In the course of our lives we are constantly confronted with the distinction of individual life events and situations, whether they are positive or negative. But now try to imagine what it would be like to get rid of these limiting distinctions and just perceive everything as it really is, in terms of “good” and “evil” as a whole.

Every situation always has two sides of the coin, which together make up the whole called life. A coin with only one side is without any use value, whether it is the positive or negative side, but if the coin is truly whole, including both sides, then only then does it bring real benefit to man.


We’re all very familiar with those “Oh shit” “Oh shit” “Oh shit” “Oh shit” “Oh shit!” … We all find those remarks that we like to use whenever we are caught off guard by something in the course of our life’s journey that we don’t want to admit is happening to us. People are very fond of cursing and blaming life itself (be it God, other people, deities, …) for causing them to experience situations even though they are so perfect that they don’t deserve to experience these situations. Of course, all situations in life must always be viewed from two perspectives:

– The observer’s point of view
– The view of the participant


Many people are searching for the meaning of life. The “lucky” ones may read many ancient and secret writings, while the “ordinary” people may read many unfiltered articles on the internet, and the “unlucky” ones look to their gurus, masters, shamans and stories to find the meaning of life.

However, what if I were to suggest that you seek the meaning of life through experiencing life itself and continually improving yourself in your own way?

Wouldn’t that be enough “meaning of life” to make you happy and want to evolve ?


Coincidence… A topic that so many people are studying and yet they can’t find an answer. Once scientists are within reach of the answer, the answer escapes them again, what a wonderful paradox! 🙂

Of course, these “coincidences” exist, but they are certainly not “random”, because man himself draws this coincidence into his life by virtue of synchronous adjustment with life itself. It’s not that coincidences don’t exist, but again, this topic needs to be viewed from the perspective of an observer who observes the experience and conditions that lead one to this “coincidence”. It is always necessary that the outer conditions be in harmony with the inner ones, and then these coincidences, miracles, can happen every day.


I consider a Master to be one who has completely mastered life and therefore has the ability to impart his knowledge and experience to others so that even a “student” can master, either individual aspects of life or life as a whole. Of course, there is no master here, for it is only the perception of the person in question, however, I myself show them respect with these titles, for I myself am only on the path to mastery.

Here are the basic philosophical treatises in the form of e-books mediated in meditation just from the Masters,
to whom I am grateful for what they have provided in my life and opened me up to all aspects of “life”.


“To be a philosopher is to love the wisdom of life
and the life knowledge that makes up the life of each of us
on our own path of knowing what life is.”

Marek Szweda