Marek Szweda


~ Life role ~

What does it mean to be a warrior? For me, it means to continually transcend oneself, which gradually reveals the purest aspects of being that we can achieve.

We can be a warrior against our own laziness, we can be a warrior against our ignorance of reality, we can be a warrior of light against darkness, or a warrior of harmony. It is always we who determine what lies beneath each role, for only we give meaning to these roles and thus actually define ourselves.

But after all, being a warrior is not just a mere metaphor for me, but it is my lifelong essence that fills me with joy, for the martial arts are a great tool to cultivate the self.




I still advocate an “original” insight into the martial arts, which I see as an essential opportunity for everyone to find themselves through the knowledge of the body and mind that the martial arts combine into one complex harmonious whole.



Self-defense is not only the art of defending oneself and one’s loved ones. It is the interplay of many aspects that create the conditions that make us “feel” safe. 


Fitness is a hobby of mine, I love to exercise and who does martial arts, fitness is an obvious component in any form. Getting fit, breaking previous records, exploring what the body is capable of… it’s worth it!

Practised style of martial arts


The style basically consists of a “BIG DRAGON” which contains 9 basic routines that teach the practitioner of this style basic techniques, stances, and motor skills.

 Another aspect is the “PARTNERS”, as the name suggests, these are partner exercises designed to teach basic self-defense and the use of techniques in practice.

 Then there are the “BREATHING EXERCISES”, based on the principle of isometric muscle tension combined with correct breathing and concentration techniques. This is the “qigong” method


Prof. Dr.phil. Gerald Karel MEIJERS, Prince of the House of Genghis Khan GANJUURYN DSCHERO KHAN, born on August 28, 1928 in Mongolia.

In the early 1970s, based on his close contacts with the Shaolin Order, he began to consider teaching the original Shaolin monastic systems in the West. Due to his immense knowledge and ability, he became not only a member of this community, but also the leading head monk who, on behalf of the Shaolin Order, first made these teachings known in the West.


My journey as a warrior started in 2001, when I first came to train at the SKCK club, which was run by my father. Actually, my father founded this club so that my brother and I would have a place to train properly, because the martial arts that we tried in Karviná together with my brother did not suit us. I guess we were too demanding then, but thank you for that!

I started then as a kind of a little uncontrolled “missile” who didn’t really know how to do anything properly, but she was always everywhere… she was always yelled at, and sometimes worse… a couple of times the trainers carried my head down out of the gym… Beautiful memories! 🙂


Over the years, I have met many great people, many of them very talented, and sometimes I thought that maybe it would not be so bad with me… Everyone is as good as they are given and as good as they try to become.

I used to go to regular training twice a week when I was a kid, but that was the end of it for me, so to speak. Into this other activities, PC games, flying outside with friends, well… in short, such a normal childhood, which I was happy to go through, to move me one step further on my path as a fighter.

One of the major breakthroughs came when I was 13 years old and I started to attend senior training at our club, where I would say the best were training, not in the sense of winning competitions, but the greatest hard workers who trained to the limit and really gave it their whole heart. There was no more slacking off, there was training to the limit, where I would leave after training with shaky hands and at home I couldn’t even hold a cup between my fingers…

This is how I would define the start that pushed me the furthest. At that time I also started actively working out and overcoming myself through “competition” with others, this only helped the whole progression.

At the age of 18, I received my I. toan, or first master’s (black) belt, at a technical examination in Bystřice, which was the culmination of my preparations as far as martial arts examinations were concerned. It was a lifelong goal, which when I achieved, I was already able to actively pursue what I wanted to pursue.

I think of the black belt as the beginning of a journey of actively studying myself through the path of martial arts. It is not important to constantly practice given techniques, but it is important to practice what we recognize is important to ourselves. Someone starts to practice self-defense, someone continues to train basic techniques, someone starts to wrestle, everyone becomes a “Master” in the area in which they want to realize themselves.

For me, in the time after receiving my black belt, fitness and weight training, gaining strength and building my body became a great motivation to see for myself the “beauty and strength” that the body can provide if we give it the necessary impulses to do so.

Of course, at that time I was also doing classical training, I was also doing conditioning sessions, I was training almost every day twice a day at that time and my body was really in good shape, strength and health.

However, the beginning of my own “conscious” journey as a martial artist starts in 2017, when I moved a little closer to understanding the essence of it all, not only in martial arts but also in my personal life. I began to study intently, meditate, constantly reflect on all that is life, searching for the essence of why martial arts are actually a part of my life.

Well… the answer was quite clear. Look at how traditional martial arts are based on ancient scripts, on the experience of masters who have dedicated their entire lives to martial arts… Yes, martial arts at its core is not just about physical training, but it’s the interplay of philosophy, that is, the approach to life, the training of concentration, the mastery of emotional attunement and the perfection of the physical body form an integral part of this whole that is called martial arts.

Now I try to actively not only study, but also through the guidance of others to help them and at the same time to help myself, because it is through practice that theory becomes reality and often practice brings many insights that take the theory itself a little further.

It is always important to remember that the journey begins where theory begins to move into practice.

Then you just have to pursue what you love. 😉


My father, a coach and also in a certain sense undoubtedly a life coach, who inspires me with his own life path into today’s “I”. Some people think of us as brothers! As he likes to say:

“Be yourself and do everything that way, the way you feel.”

The club, of which my father is the founder, not only provides me with many life experiences in martial arts, but overall development, where I constantly meet many really great people, thanks to whom I was able to develop into today’s position of club instructor and coach.


The Shaolin Temple is certainly not only for me a real cradle of martial arts, because martial arts is not just about training to fight, but it is a complex cultural system where people develop in all aspects and provides a great background for one to achieve true happiness.


Although I have never been fond of “paper collection” and overall this certificate system
I don’t consider it important at all, I’m still really proud of this collection of certificates.

It is my life’s work, a path I have walked, earned, trodden,
and it’s that journey over many years that has made me who I am today.

Wisdom for the end

“It is better to be a warrior in a garden,
than to be a gardener in a war.”

Marek Szweda