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What is Evil

Source of picture:×618.jpg WHAT IS EVIL? ~ Channeling ~ A subject as incredibly dramatic as evil seems to worry people more than anything else… Until a meteor appears in the sky and they forget all the evil they’ve been paying so much attention to, right? … And so I asked my spiritual friends about

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About food

ABOUT FOOD ~ Everyday wisdom ~ We can have long conversations about diet for hours, because each person looks at diet from a different perspective based on their own experiences and their own development of consciousness, which influences how a given food is absorbed in our body, whether it strengthens or weakens it, whether it

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What is Karma

WHAT IS KARMA ~ Everyday wisdom ~ Just a few of my thoughts to ponder… What is KARMA? So let us imagine that our consciousness travels continuously through the individual points that make up the world – consciousness travels and learns about the world through these individual points that make up the “life journey of

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