Marek Szweda


~ Everyday wisdom ~

The principle of light and darkness has always been dealt with by the great philosophers, for the basic principle of life is duality itself – that is, the division of one whole into its various other expressions, which create mutual interference between them. We can think of it as having two particular vibrations, frequencies, energies that both interfere and complement each other. One aspect without the other would not form the true whole, the original energy of both of these forces. And that is what this story, this post, and in fact everything is about.

We can perceive this mutual interference as the basic course of life itself. If the two components are in perfect balance, everything forms a whole, unchanging, indeed static, just as the surface of a lake is in a still wind. Now, however, we can throw a stone into this lake and the surface will be stirred up, thus creating the very interference through which the lake itself, as a whole, subsequently reacts through active changes that are intended to absorb this interference and to adapt itself to the new situation. And that is what duality itself is all about. You can see it as a foundation that is always complemented by a building. The interplay between the building and the foundation forms a stable whole that can evolve, new additions can take place, renovations and other structural modifications can take place. However, if one of these is in disarray, then the whole as such will never be functional. Without a solid foundation, the building will collapse, fall down… Without a quality superstructure, the building itself will collapse no matter how solid the foundation is. One is a necessary part of the other, so that together they form a complete whole – remember this and pay attention to the foundation and the building itself, so that the whole is in balance with each other.

But there is no need to look for problems where there are no problems. Look for principles, not problems. Many people deal with darkness and light as their essential problems, and yet, if they would let it run its course, the phenomenon itself would settle down to a resting level, just as the interference created by throwing a stone into a lake is absorbed in the resting level quite naturally over time, until there is no manifestation left after the actual throwing.

“Be like those who observe this surface of life, where there are always some interferences which constitute life itself, and let these interferences gradually disappear until there is no reason left for throwing these stones into the lake. The surface will calm down and you will be able to see the reflection of your own reality on the surface.”




The point of separating the various perceived aspects of life, as something dark or light, good or bad, is basic human experience. Most people live in a state of subjective perception of reality based on their own feelings, which are based on their own past experiences, observations, or taking someone else’s experiences as their own through many forms of stories, teachings, and other cultural and religious processes that indeed greatly influence this system of subjective creation. But then it is no longer one’s own real cognition, but begins to blend with the cognition of others, which is distorted by their own perceptions, and then out of all of this, one’s own experiences mixed with the experiences of others, there is a stew that is very interesting indeed in today’s world!…. But what is my point?

People judge depending on their own perception of whether something is wrong or right. You may say to yourself that it would be quite ideal if a person would experience only the beautiful, the good, the bright, where every day he would win the highest prize in sports, every day he would have a wonderful mood and a happy, beautiful, healthy family and enjoy such beautiful moments until the end of his days when he would die peacefully in his sleep…. Of course, it must be asked here, is this a real life, a truly fulfilled life, a life truly lived?

Answer for yourself whether you would really want to live such a life and feel truly fulfilled without any activity appearing in your life to teach you something, to inspire you to seek the real meaning of life, to encounter situations where you really have to put your own experience into practice, not just to dream but to actually do. That is what real life is about and that is also what light and darkness are about, two concepts that form one real whole.

Wisdom for the end

“For a basic illustration of the principle of light and darkness I can use a simple and very often used example using a coin, where everyone knows that every coin has 2 sides – heads and tails.

If we imagine that the coin itself contains a primordial energy that has split into two sub-components, the two different sides of the coin, then it is very appropriate to use this complete coin so that the coin itself does not lose its intrinsic value. If you have a coin, you don’t split it in half to have two separate sides of the coin, and it should be the same with the principle of light & darkness.”

Marek Szweda