Marek Szweda


~ Everyday wisdom ~

Coincidence, or the interplay of certain events, is a very normal part of our daily lives, for the interplay of all aspects makes up life in its entirety. It is impossible to divide life into many separate branches which have no common contact or scope with each other. No. It cannot be seen in this way, for each aspect of life has an influence on all the influences of the others, for together they make up the whole, or the whole, under the name of life.

When you are happy, do you have a tendency to divide happiness into happiness from joy, happiness from love, happiness from winning, happiness from a state of mind? No, you perceive happiness, and it gradually fills your lives, just as the coincidence, or concurrence, of contingent events makes up life as a whole. It is inappropriate to divide the whole into these subparts, for in this way we will never perceive the whole in the entirety that we deserve to perceive, to understand that we are all completely whole exactly as we are right now. Accepting that it is all a part of us will allow us to actively shift on the level of consciousness to take us again a little further to the essence of life itself, which is us in our own essence.

You say to yourself that coincidences must exist? Of course, for this whole system tells you that these coincidences are exceptional and only happen to exceptional people at exceptional times. Well, of course, what a paradox that they tell you this on every level, and yet it is you who has control over this process throughout your lives… Oh yes!!! 🙂 After all, every man is the creator of his own happiness, and it is not just a rhyme that may seem very provocative, indeed, in its deepest core, is hidden the Truth, for we are the creators of our own destiny, if we take the helm of our energetic “vessel” in our own hands and that autopilot for a while shut down until we want to turn it on again.

Oh yes, we can use that analogy! Those who start to know themselves will indeed receive many useful “functions”, which they must first become familiar with, until they become quite natural for them, just as one desires to drive a car, he first learns to drive it, and then through daily practice the driving itself becomes a very natural part of life, no longer needing to think about driving, just doing it, and thus flowing quite naturally with the environment without having to think about how to actually drive. This is exactly how every aspect of life itself works, it is always necessary to learn something first, then apply it, and then through application that aspect becomes part of life itself without any effort or attention. This is exactly how we can create our own stories, our own happiness, our own opportunities, … Of course, it is a way of learning, it is not a way of success or failure, it is about learning to work with the basic human instincts that influence this whole process of creation, which each of us experiences quite differently, even in the same “simulation” environment.

~ Initiation - intent ~

~ Practice ~

~ Nature ~

It is natural for humans to like to do what our environment tells us to do without actually listening to our own feelings, our own thoughts, and our own sense of “happiness” which is an indicator of a happy life and health. Without a sense of happiness it is very difficult to be healthy, to not worry about illnesses, pessimistic thoughts and moods, no… indeed it is difficult when you are not “tuned in” to the right wave that you really want to experience at that moment. The important thing here is to perceive what is happening in the moment along with the experience of what is happening. This creates a certain harmony and life perspective based on the actual synchronization of the inner environment with the outer environment, and is able to harness the potential of change to actually make those random events happen. It is not that difficult. It’s just a matter of giving it your attention, at least initially, and gradually attention will merge with ordinary experience, for it will become a part of us that will actively alter our “constellation” of life events that will lead in the direction we want to go.

Wisdom for the end

Coincidence doesn’t exist. There is only an interplay of energies, where one energy responds to another in the same way that a tuning fork responds to the tones of an instrument that emits certain wavelengths into its environment.

“Tune, try your own instruments,
and the environment will show you if you’re playing correctly.”

Marek Szweda