Marek Szweda

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~ Channeling ~

A subject as incredibly dramatic as evil seems to worry people more than anything else… Until a meteor appears in the sky and they forget all the evil they’ve been paying so much attention to, right? … And so I asked my spiritual friends about this subject, and this article was written about what EVIL is.

What is this evil, you ask us? … Hmm, what a noble subject evil is for you. Nobody talks about evil, everybody just condemns it without knowing exactly what it is, right? … But the unnamed remains hidden to men, and what remains hidden to men they can do nothing against, for they do not understand what they are fighting against, and yet they fight until they win, and if they win they do not notice that they have won, for they do not know what they have won.

After all, even in your world, if you want to change something, if you want to modify something, you must first find out what you have to correct, otherwise you would be playing dice against the nature of life, and the individual ideas would thus have nothing to do with the cause you are addressing, am I not mistaken?

And so the question now arises, what do you want to change? What do you want to eradicate from the world? What do you want to adapt to the life you are living now? What is it that you want to win? …


Human always struggles with life so as not to suffer. That suffering, that misery, is the key that starts all the processes of war. If you suffer, you suffer. If you lack love and happiness? You suffer. If you lack the desires of life? You suffer… That is, until you realize that suffering and turn it into something that brings opportunity, that brings the desire to create, that brings the joy of life, and then you create the happiness of life that will bring you what you desire.

So, yes, you could say that this distress is the evil that everybody is dealing with. Yes, the evil that brings misery to people. And yet, he who masters himself creates without looking evil in the face and accepting it into his life. Such a man has mastered himself and thus life, for if a man masters himself, then it does not matter on what plane of existence, in what space of life he is and in what qualities. He is always the pure standard of the Source and nothing is a burden to him, for he knows that everything changes. Only the illusion of fear remains until it is processed and thus arises that freedom which liberates men into the state of the creative Spirit of Life.

You ask now, what then is this evil? … Hmm… Even God cannot say what EVIL is, for he is pure. He creates, he is, he will be, he was, and yet, his particles create a world of their own without looking into the qualities that SOURCE for life represents.

Wisdom for the end

He who is free from his fear creates life as it is.

For what is life? … Could we say that life is the experience of life? … Then we are always the free creators of what we experience at any given moment, for even a man who is on the mountain may feel full of life, or he may drown in the imagination of the danger that lurks at every turn.

Marek Szweda