Marek Szweda


~ Channeling ~

Just a few days ago I met with Alžbětová Šorfová, and we had a very nice conversation together, not only on the topic of spiritual life, life’s journey and how difficult it is to listen to oneself… It will be a nice interview on, which you can look forward to in a few weeks. But let’s return now to the topic you are reading this article for – the topic of coronavirus – what led me to write it down?

In the course of our meeting, Elizabeth asked me if I would like to convey through channeling such “actuality” of the spiritual masters with whom I am associated. I personally do not particularly explore these topics, I do not pay attention to them and I am more interested in self-knowledge and writing down what is to be written down without any intervention, because this is always the most pure and if one listens, then one is always told what one really needs to hear at that moment. We did not address the coronavirus in the course of our conversation, but this “request” of Elizabeth will not go unheeded, for I am also very curious to know how this life lesson is viewed by the very spiritual Masters who watch over us and can help us grasp much through life’s insight, perhaps in the form of this written channeling. I am, after all, a bit of a writer. 😉

We salute you, our friend. We are here with you now, as at every moment, for as you know, time is a mere concept that signifies separation, and yet some have been with us for a long time… You ask about the coronavirus? How strange to hear this question from you, when you already know the basic universal laws that govern everything in the universe!

But let’s look together at this subject, which is so clear and yet you leave it as the highest mystery of all time.

Yes, some of the great philosophers, experts on life, spiritual sages in the roles of shamans, priests, magicians, have all been interested in the reality of what life is and why everything is just as it is and no different. These are very important questions if we talk about, for example, the aforementioned coronavirus. 

But let’s look first at why people suffer in their lives, why they experience pain, why viruses and bacteria appear that cause serious illnesses or even death… Is cancer worse than a coronavirus? … Who knows?! 😉

What is affliction? Is it a way of life that leads us in a certain direction without us being aware of it? Is it the aforementioned noble eight-part path that Buddha preached? What is it all about, why do people experience hardships? Can you answer this very important question for yourself?

Let me give you a hint. Everything in life happens for a reason. Yes, we can attribute it to higher forces, such as God, angels, or demons, or we can think of it as the will of the universe, that is, the environment you are in at any given moment in your life. Yes, there are so many views on this subject that it is very important to really analyze the subject from many angles in order to get to the heart of the matter.

Everything that one experiences, one experiences for the reason that one is meant to experience it. To move forward in his life? To finish what he started? To discover the essence of life? … It doesn’t matter what meaning you give it. Everyone looks at that pearl of knowledge from the angle that fits his view of life at that moment. But it is always we, as individual consciousnesses, who determine what we pay attention to at any given moment. It is not that we will consider anything we experience as painful. We can think of it as a game of knowledge, we can have fun like little children and discover the unknowable, but if we cannot become aware of the perspective from which we are constantly looking at this, then we are imprisoned without knowing that we are imprisoned.

And now we will focus directly on this Coronavirus, or Covid-19, as you have beautifully labelled it. You can see the first hint numerologically – why the 1 and 9? Has it occurred to anyone to look at this number and realize the connection to what this coronavirus brings to people’s lives? Yes, one is the beginning of everything and nine is the end of everything. So it is a special occasion where everything that is is being reinforced through this virus into the most critical value, and therefore everything that is not in alignment from 1 to 9 will be portrayed as a value outside of this system, and what is not in alignment will be transformed into a form that fits within this range. The one and the nine make a total of 10, which is a depiction of the subconscious life setting that each and every single one of you has within the collective consciousness of planet Earth. If you do not accept your wholeness, including your subconscious, you will continually suffer until you realize your wholeness and accept your wholeness as complete and your own.

And so it is this wholeness of life that you need to realize now. The different levels, such as consciousness, superconsciousness and subconsciousness, must be interconnected for that wholeness of man to come into being. Once wholeness is established, the problems will disappear. It does not disappear as if by the snap of a finger, but the whole person does not consider the problem as a problem. The whole man perceives all that is as the harmonious whole that is there, and man, as a creative and whole being, can change everything in his own image if he is tuned to the right wave and dances like a leaf in the wind respecting all that is and yet choosing which way he flies respecting the individual wind currents.

And so I have already partly answered what the coronavirus means for you. It is a representation of those aspects that have not been accepted within your wholeness. One wants this and the other wants that, and thus there is a contradiction at the core of it all – within each of you. Everybody wants to experience love, everybody wants to be happy and to have enough of everything that they need, and yet people hoard what they don’t need thinking that it will bring them happiness… This is just one example for all, which is a wonderful depiction of just what this virus depicts in terms of numerology.

As a person goes one level of self against another, it creates a contradiction that causes a mismatch not only at the core of their own existence, but through interconnectedness, that mismatch is portrayed into all that is and then we can see the response of that universe as the external environment for that person who caused it all. This is how the interconnectedness arises, or as you are pleased to say – “As the forest calls, so the forest calls.”

Wouldn’t it be enough to outline in this way an issue that you consider so important in your life? Wouldn’t it be happier and more joyful to pursue the beauties of life? Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to devote yourself to things and activities, to people who fill you with life and the desire to create? Are you so caught up in dogmas of importance that you deny yourself the joys of life? Are you so disenfranchised that you cannot choose what you are experiencing at any given moment? Awaken from the cocoon of your being and fly out like that butterfly that creates joy and peace in the world. Wake up and do what is yours, for if you deny yourself, the coronavirus will manifest itself in you and awaken you, whether in the here and now or in the manifestation that you will enter by your death.

Do not forget that each of you is the creator of your destiny, of your life, and thus you affect the entire collective consciousness of the planet. However, it is a matter of whether you respect your wholeness or whether you are trapped in your dogmas that you have accepted as your own by the external influences of life… And that is what it is all about. I could go on forever here, dissecting every aspect of the coronavirus, politics, religion and the way of life of man, but it’s already quite a lengthy read this way, and as such a brief preview, surely this will suffice, won’t it? 😉

I wish all of you who get to read this article to find your true self, thus discovering everything you need to discover and accept. 

Master Itaniel I.

Wisdom for the end

“Free will leads us in the direction we want to reach a certain goal, but one cannot go against the current of life, one cannot enter a river that flows in the opposite direction with the expectation that it will take one to that desired goal.

Always respect life, and use the paths of life that are open to you to achieve your goals in life.”

Marek Szweda