Marek Szweda


~ Everyday wisdom ~

Just a few of my thoughts to ponder… What is KARMA? 😁

So let us imagine that our consciousness travels continuously through the individual points that make up the world – consciousness travels and learns about the world through these individual points that make up the “life journey of knowledge”. We can imagine how the individual points make up and fill the whole space, like an atomic, quantum, or neural structure, where one atom has links to another, just as each world has its links to a similar world, and our consciousness thus travels seamlessly between these similar worlds, which differ in every detail, whether it is a detail like the difference in the color of a car, the difference in anatomical structure, the environment, the air, the laws of physics, social status, whatever you can imagine… it doesn’t matter, because everything is just one aspect of life that is certainly not immutable.

Once we have introduced this principle, this life stream, this idea, let us now look at how this system works. You, as consciousness, travel between these different points that make up your reality and you can enter any point that exists, for consciousness is not limited by Father Source, we have complete free will and so our consciousness experiences exactly what it wants to experience and can experience.

However, we have each created a control mechanism for this system, which is KARMA. Imagine that the individual points (worlds – realities) are arranged in rows, where each row has its specifics, its differences, which are adapted to a particular state of consciousness. Now imagine that your path goes directly forward through each line. This allows you to experience life and your own “trials” which are adapted to move through these points to the Source – that is, to the understanding of all that is.

In order to not make it so easy and jump immediately to the point where your consciousness encompasses everything, there are certain boundaries, a certain limiting spectrum of direction (points or scale range) that we can take from the point of here and now. It’s a control mechanism that prevents us from being in a place that we can’t accept as reality on our own. That is why those who are open to new knowledge have their karma wide open, and those who are afraid and hold on to what they have (or know) now have it completely closed, and if they decide to change something in their lives, they do not have the same potential as someone who is determined to search even in the unknown.

It is difficult to change one’s life if we cling to every aspect of the life we are experiencing right now, like clinging to our car, to our computer, to our friends and their various aspects, behaviors, expressions, friendships, … We cling very often to absolutely everything and do not want any changes, thus closing ourselves to that mythical “Karma” – the control mechanism of ourselves and the state, the agency range we are in right now.

To summarize, we need to open up our Karma through the development of knowledge, whereby we can bring literally anything into our lives, for Karma is the control mechanism of our consciousness that ensures that we live our own, true REALITY at each point until we become aware of absolutely Everything.

Dream, and your dreams will come true if you believe in them, for that is how you will be able to jump to the point where your current dream is a reality. 💫☯️




If we know what karma is, we are able to imagine our whole life as a rich structure of connections between points in the universe through which we are not limited to travel and through which we can know life as a whole. If we want to reach the highest point of knowledge, then that can be imagined as containing all points that are, all worlds and realities, in an interconnected structure where there are no more boundaries through our own control system of life and consciousness. Thus the highest level of consciousness is to move from any point here and now to every point that exists without the objection of our own control system – Karma – for our consciousness will already be ready to encompass everything. It will no longer be limited by space, time, or dimensions. No longer will everything flow freely and no one will be concerned with what is possible and what is not.

This is how I would define the structure of the Universe after reaching the master level here on Earth. One who is a master can do anything, because his consciousness allows it, is ready for any state, any point in the structure of life. Now let us imagine our own brain as an image of our consciousness. We have indeed experienced and learned “a lot” in our lives, creating connections between the various neurons in our brain that now tell us what is possible and what is not possible. The individual connections and pathways of neurons make up our reality that we are experiencing right now.

Embracing the master level of consciousness, that is, the degradation of karma to point 0, means using all possible pathways of neurons to change whatever is happening around you in your reality, because the brain is the instrument that creates our experienced reality, our perception, our reactions and our sense of all that is. It is the brain that is our instrument of consciousness that processes all that is. Reason, now you may be thinking, consciousness can then be likened to reason?

But nothing is more mistaken than this. Reason is the vehicle of Karma, which shows you the way you are flowing, the way you have flowed in the past and have come up against limitations – Karma. Surely every one of you has at one time or another hoped and experienced that limitation of Karma by trying something new with a sense of hope and ending up even more miserable than before, thus Karma through the vehicle called Reason have been activated and have indicated to you that just such a path is not possible through your unpreparedness to move forward, for it has not been given to you to enter into such a path of neurons, such a path of points, through the path of your consciousness.

If one wishes to enter worlds through new neural pathways, one must begin to work on oneself, one must begin to work on the imagination, and most importantly, one MUST LEARN TO WORK WITH ONE’S OWN MIND – one must first create a fictional, imaginary pathway through one’s own thoughts, one’s own imagination, and this can only be done by experiencing one’s own imagination as if it has already happened. This is why many use the methodology of working with imagery, or affirmations – creating images (visual, opinionated) to draw this “imagined” reality into the reality of our own, which in this way begins to overlap, creating the possibility of moving from one thread into the thread we are aiming for.

Images through visualization are a great tool to deceive our mind and the control system of Karma, but there is a rule that our consciousness must allow this to pass freely, otherwise Karma will reverse, block this path. Are you ready to accept such a change in your life or not? This is what our consciousness always asks and our mind will react accordingly through Reason and the defence mechanism of Karma.

Only when our mind is pure, truly pure, then we are ready to change our own life. If we are suffering now, we have to get rid of the suffering in order to move forward through new pathways of neurons, of worlds… For whatever you imagine is possible, you just need to commit and get rid of your doubts – limitations – seals.

To summarize this text, a master becomes a person who has created pathways between all the neurons in his brain, which is a picture of our possibilities in our life. We can say that the creation of connections between each neuron forms a highway on which you travel through your own life story. One who has already created all the pathways between his individual neurons has unlimited potential, for there is no longer a limit to Reason, which is the vehicle of Karma that tells what is possible and what is not possible. Then there is no longer any reason to block the individual pathways of the neurons, for they are all already connected. This is what I call mastery.

Wisdom for the end

“Build paths between points, don’t just take the already built highways, but overcome Reason and take the grassy path, even across fields, to find new places where the highway will be created and you will have a whole new path open to you and with it new possibilities for creation in your life.”

Marek Szweda