Marek Szweda


~ Everyday wisdom ~

Many are engaged in a search for the meaning of life, their own essence, which they consider the most important thing they can pursue during their lives. It is one of the paths that lead one to the realization that if we are searching, we have missed something in life, failed to see something, even though it is quite natural and obvious. The meaning of life, as the very name of the word suggests, is to live – to experience, for experience is the experience that influences us in future situations that gradually creep into our lives to test what we are already prepared for and what we are not.

Consciousness is a process. Now some might argue that this cannot be so, for consciousness is the information field of a given person, which in its pure form contains all that is, including the path to God, to the primordial origin of all that is, will be, and ever was. But I answer very simply – when we observe something, is it a process or is it an object? …. Oh yes, now think of the difference between these terms in this way, just as I am now thinking of it myself.

A process is an activity, it is a state from a certain state to a different state, a different state, and yet, if we are going to talk about an object, like consciousness, we need to look at it from a little bit of a height to begin to understand it well. What makes a man a man is his consciousness, as a constant process of exchange of energies between himself and the environment he perceives. Yes, of course, this can be seen from many perspectives, such as the gathering of information – that is, experience, we can see it as an interaction between two “worlds” that enrich and complement each other, we can compare it as a process of unceasing change that leads to a person beginning to truly experience his or her own life. And maybe that’s the way it is, or at least that’s the way it could be …

Consciousness in its essence can be perceived on the basis of the mentioned information in two ways – as a process, and as a certain object – some information field, which is in a given time and space and, in short, IS.

However, if we want to deal with this process or observation in depth, we need to accept as fact that consciousness is both a process and a certain object – a certain information field, as many will welcome the use of this term. For it is only when these two concepts become one, and one realizes that neither objects nor processes are inherently anything important, and that we are only giving it a certain life “weight”, that it will all begin to feel quite natural, and then we will not even have to answer the question of what life is, for the concept itself will no longer be definable.

After all, we are here for a reason. It is not that we should not be here, for in that case we would not be here. It is such a beautiful information conundrum, for we judge ourselves for what we do, and yet we tell ourselves that it cannot be so, that perhaps it is not even possible, what is really happening, and yet all of it, it really, truly, quite realistically, in short, IS happening.

Perhaps you are thinking that someone must be looking out for us? God? A deity? The universal wisdom of the universe? Or is it just us in our pure form through which we allow ourselves to experience certain life situations? … I don’t know. I really don’t. I don’t know. But what I want to say with this text is that everything is exactly as it should be, otherwise it would be quite different. If we accept that it is all happening to us for a reason, we can begin to work with it and thereby work out our certain themes that will lead our essence, our essence, our consciousness to advance to the next levels that are available to us, if we are prepared to open up new gateways in life that we have ignored so far on the current “level”. We have already taken the first step, which is the acceptance of information. The second step is the analysis of it and the actual application of this knowledge to our real life. Only this second step will open the gates of knowledge of what life really means. Of what life contains in its pure perfection and “uncontainable” content… For everything is part of life and we are part of it too, so let us live and be grateful for being part of it right here and now, whether it is manifested in a woman’s body, a man’s body, a child, an adult, or a wise old man or a hardworking old woman… It does not matter at all, for everything is absolutely perfect as it really is right now. Otherwise it would be different. Such wisdom to ponder, and especially, to adopt into our own philosophies of life.

"Consciousness is a collection of energies that we can perceive as a certain information field in a given time and space.

Consciousness is a process of experience perceived through a process of transitions between space-time points.

The merging of process and object into one whole, causes pure nature."

So you may be thinking at the moment that this is an article about nothing, in essence it is just a goulash of unspeakable thoughts… Maybe it really is such a goulash… And after all, don’t you like goulash, by mixing quality ingredients into one complex, tasty dish? 🙂 Without the mixture, you would never know the taste of the stew itself, because you would always taste only the individual ingredients and you would never taste the stew. What a paradox that we are talking about food here, and yet we are talking about such a sublime subject as the pure essence of life, the essence of God Himself. But let us realize that it is not so far from itself, for it is also a part of it, quite naturally! 😉

"Don't be afraid to look for the simplest of comparisons, because the more complicated we want to make it, it becomes more and more complex through our own perspective!"

The purpose of life, we would all like to have a certain act, a certain point in space-time when we reach a certain level, a state of consciousness, when we feel truly fulfilled. And yet, we could dispense with all of that, we could not engage in any philosophy, we would not have to expect anything, we would not have to blame fate, we could just live and in the course of those journeys of our lives directly experience the situations, for it is through the situations that we sail through that “school” of life that will bring us to that place that will end that journey of consciousness in its entirety and we will return to God from whence we came. For if something has a beginning, it certainly has an end. And so it is always, for we move in space-time, that is, between points with a certain setting which have a similar structure in their surroundings. Of course, we can travel through these points, like through a black hole, to completely different space-time points. I don’t think it’s unrealistic, for example, the way some amazing movies depict it is indeed possible, but the path to get there is very long and very, very, difficult for anyone who begins to desire such a path, for it is by accepting one of the paths that we take ourselves “further” than we would have to go to accept ourselves as a whole.

Wisdom for the end

If we want to find meaning in our lives, then we are like a person who has a meal in front of him, and yet, instead of tasting it, he thinks about what the meal might taste like if he actually tasted it.

“Sometimes the experience itself is more important than thinking about it,
what that experience might be like if it actually happened.”

Marek Szweda