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We can have long conversations about diet for hours, because each person looks at diet from a different perspective based on their own experiences and their own development of consciousness, which influences how a given food is absorbed in our body, whether it strengthens or weakens it, whether it cures or kills it, many perspectives can be applied to diet as a whole.

There is also a plethora of variations on how to view the diet itself – if we move in physical reality, it is a solid, a grouping that we take in that contains certain properties, it has carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and other essential components, metals that provide the overall constitution of the diet itself. This is one of the basic points of view that the population of the whole world today recognizes – that is, the basic division of the diet into the sub-ingredients that are needed as a source of energy for the physical body to live, for the proper functioning of the whole organism, the internal organs, the muscles, and the internal processes that provide complete function, health, vitality.

But there are many more perspectives on diet than just this one. Certainly many nowadays are beginning to explore how some people can gain weight without eating the amount appropriate to the caloric intake of this weight gain process. Oh yes, I mean metabolism – scientists are now discovering that every person is inherently different. Some people are satisfied with eating just vegetables, some people eat meat, some people just drink plain water, and some people don’t even need that… There are as many types of diets as there are people on planet Earth. Some people make do with roots, some people make do with fruit picked fresh from the tree, … But what is important is to say that each person should find a way of eating that he himself is in harmony with. Not to be stressed by the fact that he eats one gram of fat more than the calorie tables prescribe, not meat, which he himself considers impure, not flora, which he perceives in its essence as a living organism, only seemingly without any movement compared to game, …

“This article is intended to inspire you to look at diet from more than one point of view, perhaps to have your eyes opened by this short article, so that you may begin to see diet as something more than a mere form of food intake.”

~ Nutrients ~


~ Energy ~

~ Information ~


In order to gain insight into the internal processes of the body, it is necessary to begin with a solid diet, which enables us to understand the basic internal processes that provide us with the necessary health and vitality. The solids we take in are food and drink – the two primary components that provide both the energy and biological components we need, as well as the required hydration – the fluids needed for any processing of food and more. The processes of intra-body food intake is characterized by the absorption of the nutrients taken in into nutrients the body needs, its own, since the body always processes the energy taken in into that which it needs and requires. That is why, for example, there are so many types of individual proteins which are non-essential and can be converted into any other by assembling their individual components into just the components required by the body at any given moment.

Nowadays, scientists have already defined very clearly all types of nutrients and their effects on the body, and yet it only takes one illness or altered level of metabolism, be it sugars, proteins, lactose, and yet the body will react quite differently than the majority of the population. There is just the factor of the uniqueness of each person, where the general precepts apply only as a basis, but which changes as each person adapts it on the basis of his own life for his own purposes.

I will not copy for you here now the data of scientists and chemists regarding food and individual diets, of which there is also a plethora, as that 1) is not the purpose of this site and 2) I am interested in a different view of food in its essence. However, I will give an example of reading a basic view of diet from the popular wikipedia here.


Another, “deeper” view of dietary intake is that of energy intake. Everything, whether it is meat, water, plants, vegetables or fruit, has embedded in it properties, i.e. a certain information field or energy units, which contain all the information about the grower, the soil, the nutrition provided, the weather conditions, the fertilizers and chemical ingredients used, the emotional state (both of the grower/keeper and the flora/fauna) – it all forms a complete energy package that we take in in the form of a physical diet. It is ironic that nowadays what looks so healthy and tasty is full of pesticides and artificially colored chemical additives that ensure it looks just that, not to mention genetic changes that alter the properties of these ingredients, thus suppressing the naturalness and setting up a disharmonious adjustment of the food from its original, perfect, state.

You are no doubt already familiar with the fact that food intake is not made by the diet itself, but by everything that led up to that diet, and it is very closely tied to life as a whole on planet Earth. Eating is an integral part of our lives. Many people spend several hours a day just preparing their food and consuming it, not to mention the growing, the farming, the transporting and all the processes that provide that food to you in the shopping malls and then to your home on your table. It’s a whole complex system that uses many processes, and you, through the food, all of these processes, are receiving into your body through the basic essence of that food that you’re receiving – whether it’s nutrition in the form of proteins, fats, sugars, minerals, or whether it’s the chemical setup of the individual ingredients, and of course the chemical additives, the dyes, the pesticides, the steroids, including stress hormones, which not only the animals release into their organic structures during their life and death, and these then affect the human body, which takes this information into its body, into its complex energy structure, not to mention the microplastics, antidepressants and contraceptives that already make up a significant part of our intake in water.


The first view, not only of the common man but also of scientists, should be the “deepest” and at the same time the “simplest” first principle of energetic reception of information. In essence, we can stimulate our entire body without any physical stimulation to the intra-body processes, whether it is working at the muscular level, the cellular level, the atomic level, or the consciousness level. The insights of the preceding have led us to believe that when we take in food, we take in all of life and the processes involved in the preparation of that food itself. But what if we could modify that food on an energetic, informational level?

I am not speaking here of altering the physical state of this diet. Rather, I am trying to relate to the work with consciousness, where you can “adjust” a certain diet with your own perception to provide you with the necessary ingredients that the body needs at that moment, or it can even provide you with certain initiating processes of purification, processes of empowerment, processes that start emotional expressions, joy, peace, happiness… In essence, you through the intake of poisons can be healed – have you forgotten that most of the original medicines were always of natural organic origin, just used correctly in a given life situation? !

“From my point of view of life, the most important work is the work with consciousness, for this process can change everything else.”

I am by no means suggesting that you stop eating anything right now, or drinking anything, or that you stop eating meat, for example, or that you start living from the prana, the energy matrix, right now… But I want to inspire you to gradually study how your consciousness affects what the very food you eat brings out in you. Try, learn to apply your own willpower in the form of receiving informational impulses. You may become interested, or even entertained! It has never been about forcing something on anyone and telling someone what to do, but about inspiring a person to what the body is inherently capable of under the right guidance.


Fasting (i.e. not taking food), which is very popular nowadays, is not only by people, but by all cultures and even by scientific knowledge, the best purification process, when the body gets rid of everything that is not necessary in the body, by processing these “energies” that are not needed in the body for its basic functions. It is a cleansing process because everything that is not needed in the body is processed, dissolved and forms the energetic basis for normal life. The body knows what it needs and what it does not need and if we give it an impulse where it has to get energy from some source for normal functioning, then it will always choose what is not needed. By reducing the basic functions of life, the body automatically begins to regenerate and process itself at the most internal level, when old and damaged cells begin to break down and new cells are built from them based on the original setup of the body structure – regeneration through stem cells. Of course, during this process of fasting the body also gets rid of excess muscle mass, which especially bodybuilders, through their stubbornness and clinging to their physical form, do not undergo. (a little provocation) 🙂

 “It is not that fasting is miraculous, but it is a proven and quite natural process of physically adjusting to a harmonious state of being.”

Wisdom for the end

One example for all, there is a person in India, a Sadhu, who has not taken any physical diet, including any liquids, since 1940, over 80 years. He claims that he does not need to take anything because he is helped by his goddess, to whom he has dedicated his life, Amba. This particular person is: Mataji – Sadhu Prahlad Jani.

You can find many articles, interviews, and even medical studies where doctors consider the results of these studies to be impossible… If only people would start looking at the individual “exceptions” as “possibilities” of human life, then the view of man in his essence, would be completely different.

Fiction or truth? I don’t know, I haven’t met Prahlad in my life and I haven’t lived with him, but I have personally tried an 11 day fast, where I lived and trained quite normally and the processes in the body actually adapt and change. So I am neither a proponent nor an opponent of breatharianism. If one is attracted to this way of life, I see no reason not to try it, but we live in today’s world and we should adjust our lives accordingly so that we do not suffer, but also so that we are not restricted.

“Don’t forget that most of social life happens at mealtimes!”

Marek Szweda