Marek Szweda

The Message of the Master Jesus Christ

~ Channeling ~

One of my most recent posts I wrote in meditation – it is said that one can connect to anything/anyone through empathy – or empathy/synchronization and retrieve certain information for their own development, for one’s own experience – in one of the meditations I had a need to tap into the purity of the energy of Jesus, and what I wrote down is, in my opinion, at least something to ponder, whether it was written by my ego or written in actual tapping into his energy… It doesn’t really matter because the content is for the people and it doesn’t matter who writes it.

It’s a paradox of our time that people look more at who created the content instead of looking at the quality that the content actually brings to the person.

Jeshua Christ – Episode One.

Master Jesus now speaks to all. Hear his words, which are written in this moment for all who listen to the light of the Father-Source. Hear now, for my energy is here with you now. Be in the light of the Source as you are blessed with a smile on your lips in every moment of your lives. There is no need to constantly seek God if you will be with God. This is the basic thing I wanted to bring to you in your lives that you are experiencing here on planet Earth.

There are many who hide behind the words of My or other Masters, but of course, we do not blame them at all, for they try to mask their inability to truly connect with us, the ascended masters who are in the Father-Source Home at this time. This is a given, for each person has the free will to manifest. Some have to go through hard training to truly understand what they have come here to understand. No one here will be built a path of truth which, when taken, will lead to enlightenment. For everyone is of a completely different setting, experiencing different stories, different settings. We could spend several hours here now writing down what I have done, what you have done during your life journeys, but what is important at this moment is the actual reality. The one that cannot be changed, the one that simply is, and always will be, forever and ever, amen.

This is finally what I have really said to people here during my lifetime – Everything is, always will be, and always has been. What is here now in the reality you are experiencing is but an imprint of the form of the universe in that sector of existence. There is nothing that is better, more appropriate, or worse. It is given, it is given. There is no need to change or criticize anything, for everything is always given as it is needed at the moment, including your state of mind. This too is always given by the most appropriate setting in response to the surrounding or inner influences of the person in question. No one can say how a given person will behave, how he will decide, what he feels, what he sees, because each person is completely different, thinks completely differently from the other person. We can give an example of two different people here, a yogi who has been training his mind, his faith, his vision of himself all his holistic life with a person who normally goes to work every day in Europe, has a family, daughters, granddaughters, and these two people may not only see themselves differently, like in certain roles in life, like the state of being enlightened, a parent, an uncle, whatever…. As you can see, many people have many roles in these lives, some of the individual person’s angle are rated as positive, other roles are rated as negative. Everyone has those roles that they experience here because they have simply set it up that way and that’s the way it is. It is not that it has been given how a person is supposed to behave in life, what he is supposed to experience, what direction he is supposed to take. It has never been that way at all, never is, and indeed, believe it or not, never will be.

Each person has his own free choice according to which he acts. Each person is an individual being who has the task of experiencing, that is, gaining real-life experience, or being. Experience alone is necessary for understanding, which leads to an all-encompassing state of perfection in harmony with all that is. Without experience you can do nothing. For without experience there is nothing.

So I ask you, do not ask for nothing ever, start really working on your lives. Set your goals, set your priorities, set your desires, set your dreams. Set out what you want to achieve in your lives and then erase all that from your memory. In this way you will free yourself from these desires that your mind has fished out of the well of possibilities that are actually there. What can truly enrich your own life and your own experiences is true experience. Be in harmony with all that is and then there will be nothing that is inconsistent with you. This is the foundation that when you accept, there will be nothing to hold you back on your journey “upward”.

The journey upwards, what a religious act that has been created for you to go up somewhere, as in terms of human hierarchy. But do you know that there is no up, never has been and never will be? … What a paradox that there are people who expect an “ascension” to higher realms, and yet they also expect a certain fall for someone else, because when there is an ascension for someone, it wishes lawfully for someone to fall down. Believe it or not, but in reality, each person’s own perception influences their own life-creation. This is because life is subjective, not objective as it might seem at first glance.

Each person, at the same moment as others, can be completely different. Everyone is free to judge anything, do anything, invent anything, it’s always up to each individual person and that’s why a simple rule is given in this story adventure – be what you want to be. Of course, if you don’t want to be something you are, you must first understand yourself, and why you are in that state.

Yeshua Christ.

Wisdom for the end

“Believe me, woman, the hour is coming when you will not honor the Father, neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem. The hour is coming, yes it is already here, when those who truly honor God will worship Him in spirit and in truth. And the Father desires that men should so honor him.”

Christ, Bible