Marek Szweda


~ Spiritual channeling ~

I, Bodhidharma, am now speaking to all who desire to know my story also. My story is known to many of you, for the Shaolin Temple, which is my cultural heritage for the whole planet, is known all over the world at this time. I am proud of my comrades, for it takes much effort to keep the knowledge unadulterated and hidden for so many centuries. Although many teachings were lost during the destruction of the history of the Chinese nation, where unfortunately even Shaolin did not completely withstand these processes of the powerful, yet everything that needed to be preserved was preserved not only in written form, but especially in the people, which is the most important heritage ever.

My teachings are the teachings of finding oneself through the martial arts, which I helped develop to stability and balance between the spiritual and physical components of the human being. For when you reach a certain level of physical body, the body itself supports your spiritual growth. There is no man without a body and without a body there is no knowledge. I place this on your heart. Never leave your body behind, for how can you go forward headlong when the body stands still? One accompanies the other and you cannot distinguish or separate one part of you from the other, for all parts form a whole. Bodhidharma.

My teachings are the basis of the present teachings of the Shaolin temples, where monks awaken the power of their bodies to their maximum potential. Let us say that they are masters of their own body, for if one masters one’s own body, only then does one become a powerful person. A powerful person knows himself and has the necessary will to achieve mastery of his own body through the immeasurable diligence and discipline he undergoes every day for many years. This is the basis of the monastic, monastic life. But now at this time there is no longer any need to spend several years in the temples of the monastery. You are living in a different age from the one in which these methods were appropriate and widely used. What you now need to do to control your body is to retrieve all the information through your DNA and there you will discover all the information that will enable you to control your body through training and wisdom.

I, Bodhidharma, have gone through all the hardships and joys of life here on Earth and during my last incarnation, which was just an incarnation into the person known throughout history as Bodhidharma, I achieved mastery through my inner path of knowledge. I meditated for many years before I attained the answers that brought me into the light of the Source. I came to know the Source during my stay in China in a place known as Bodhidharma’s cave. It was there that I meditated every day for 9 years. It was a journey of self-discovery for me, for it is within all of us that is the source of wisdom that can guide us in our lives and help us find the right direction for our lives here on Earth. During these long meditations I came to understand the main principles of human life and the universe as such. The representation of this discovered symbol represents the yin-yang. It is a representation of duality, which we shall now describe in detail.

Yin-Yang – representation of 2 different forces, 2 different polarities, 2 different elements. There are many pronounced definitions of this symbol. However, the principle of light and darkness is important. For especially in this time, the 21st century, this principle chooses to be closed to create the unified essence of the universe “Harmony” by mixing these components.

Harmony as such will be created by balancing light and darkness to create a universal basis for all that is. There is no longer any need for darkness to tempt light and light to hinder darkness. Right now is the time when all that is will have self-consciousness. That is what you are to discover at this time – Oneness.

The symbol – yin yang was originally a representation that everything is dual and everything contains all components. Nothing is ever completely unified, not in previous millennia. Unity is created just by the rotation of the yin yang, which acquires a unified structure by rotation. It will no longer be possible to discern whether any color predominates, no longer will any division be discernible, there will be only one symbol that shows everything and yet nothing can be seen in it. What unity is coming into the world!!!

The yin yang is made up of 2 parts, 2 drops that form a cycle of duality. Each drop contains the essence of the other drop to ensure balance. For if the 2 essences are completely separated, then there is a complete differentiation that does not allow for the merging and understanding of the two essences. That is why this feature is so important. For it depicts that even the greatest light contains the blackest darkness and the darkest darkness contains the brightest spark.

By understanding this principle, you will understand much, although it is not so important at this time, for as I have already announced, the whole universe is entering a phase where there will no longer be distinctions such as darkness and light, but unity will be set according to the evolutionary stage of planet Earth, the project of humans.

The principle of unity will be the new principle which is now taking its final form. There have already been many struggles between light and darkness, knowledge and ignorance, good and evil. But the time is coming when what has been will no longer be important, for it is unity that is important.

Unity means the containment of all in one. That is what I would call this process, for it is always through unity that the greatest shift occurs. Unity is also a representation of harmony, for without harmony there is no unity. But once unity occurs, everything changes. All struggles cease, everything takes the form it should take. Everything will be such that harmony will come. No longer will we learn, no longer will we change, no longer will there be a time when we take on what we really are and what we really want to be without being constantly out of balance. Very challenging this concept, which I have trouble describing in words, but the important thing is that we are entering a time when there will be unity, not duality, as has been necessary up to now.

Right now at this time, the setting up and shaping of this unified matrix that will replace the entire universe into a unified vibration, into one single harmony is about to take place. This harmony will be set according to the harmony on planet Earth. If much light awakens, light will prevail in the universal matrix of unity. But if there is darkness everywhere on Earth, darkness will prevail in this matrix. What a magnificent plan of God!!! And you are doing everything to ignore the obvious. Each of you humans can affect the balance by illuminating the entire universe or plunging it into darkness. Everyone’s decision at this time will affect the universal unity. Let it be a gift to you. For the Father has entrusted you with this task of setting the balance of unity and expects this task to be justly carried out. For who else can influence the universe but those who have been chosen by their people, by their civilizations, as their ambassadors?

The coming unity that will be created in 2023 will take many years before it can be realigned to a different value of balance between light and darkness. This process has taken thousands of years to prepare and now awaits the fateful day when it will be decided how the unified matrix of the universe will be set.

The entire universe is watching this struggle for balance with anticipation, so much will it affect their worlds. It is you who decide what level of light and darkness will be contained within the matrix. No one else but you personally! Let this be a challenge to all who read these lines to take responsibility into your own hands and live as you want the universe to live.

The history of my heritage goes back to 524 A.D., when a basic teaching was established for the monks of the monastery of that time, where they were insufficiently prepared to know themselves. They were not healthy or even wise, for one cannot experience wisdom without being healthy. I was 21 years old at the time. I came to the temple as a young monk from India who had been trained in many mysteries and many philosophies. There were so many that I wouldn’t have been able to write them down in my lifetime. But that is not important. I came to Henan Province, where I decided to spend the rest of my life in a temple that was far and away the only one in what was then China. On arrival, I was greeted by the abbot himself, who was of Indian origin. This abbot was my friend and mentor during this time. We also became friends with all the monks who had been to the temple and studied there. However, there came a time when their style of experiencing temple life was caught up in the destruction of the crops by the barbarian invasions and the monks fared less and less well. At that time, I had a dream. In it, I was told by the light that if I wanted to help these people, and myself, then I had no choice but to go to the mountains to meditate.

This dream, which was very appealing to me because it was so clear and yet so wise. I went up into the mountains that morning, where I found a cave. This cave provided me with protection from the wind, but the light here came through in a beautiful entrance courtyard. This cave became my new home for several years. It took me 10 months before I was able to discover the very essence of meditation. Meditation is a state of being, not a mere concept to posture with eyes closed, as many of you like to use these terms, without even knowing what meditation is.

It took 10 months of daily meditation for me to learn true inner meditation!!! Don’t think I sat down and fell into meditation for 9 years, how silly! Fortunately, I had tremendous potential from my mysticism classes from my youth, where we learned the basic philosophies of life, which helped me greatly in understanding myself. Taoism was very developed at that time, especially in China. What a pity that most of this beautiful life teaching has been lost. So to return to the story: through a lifetime of studying life, philosophy and travel, it took me only 10 months to reach my essence. During this time I slept, ate, and meditated in this cave where the monks of the temple provided me with the necessary food and water so that I could focus on the task that was entrusted to me in my dream.

During these 10 months, I experienced several stages of entering into my inner self. May this be a beautiful representation of the gates through which you too must pass to understand the deeper truth! The first gate is the gate of peace. Zen. Peace is the expression of accepting all that is as part of your life. By accepting all that is, you accept yourself as part of all that is. This gate is the simplest of all. Simply to be free of all prejudice, free of all desires, free of all sorrows. This is the state of Zen, just being here and now, as part of the whole world. The second gate is the gate of oblivion. This gateway is already deeper within you, within you. This gate took me many, many weeks of daily meditation to open.

The gate of forgetting is the gate that opens to your soul all your records from previous lives. By opening this gate, you will come to know who you really are with a way to truly know the essence of life. The third gate is the gate of knowledge. This gate is available to all who find their true self within. This person can then draw from the infinite well of knowledge that is available to them. Only those who know themselves can draw.

It is this third gateway that has been for me the well of knowledge in which I have sought ways to help people. By applying the information that was passed on to me, I found great progress towards healing and discovering strength among the monks to whom I passed everything on. They declared me to be enlightened, but what I did was merely retrieve and understand the information that any person can receive. I was given an official thank you from the abbot of the monastery. However, I refused and showed them the way to also find this information through my inner self. But they did not want to. They were blinded by the desire to be healthy and did not understand that knowledge and health are one. Therefore, I decided to place myself in meditation after imparting the teachings entrusted to me. I went again to the cave in the mountain. And I sat down opposite the sun. And I put my mind to sleep and went deep, very deep into my soul, into my essence of being. I asked the one who had appeared to me earlier in a dream for advice by which I could help all people to discover their true nature.

I no longer wanted everyone to look for masters to show them what is right and what is wrong. And there was a flash of light that surrounded me again and I felt a great relief and love. I asked many questions, for I wanted to understand everything. But as soon as I asked, the answer was silence. I was warmed by the pleasant feeling of that light, but I was taken aback by such silence; there was no longer any advice, no voice. Just silence. A silence that awakened my heart to joy, for I understood the wisdom that this being, this light was communicating to me. It was a silence, a silence that would allow me to find what I was looking for. I fell into this state for a mythical 9 years. Nine years that I spent without movement, without food, without self-consciousness. I was gone. I’ve been everywhere. I’ve been where I needed to be.

This state in which I was placed allowed me to look into the temples of knowledge, I studied, I learned, I contemplated in the light of the Source, I was allowed to look into the Akasha, it took many years for my study of this information to be completed.

After completing my studies, I awoke to give everything to the monks in the monastery. The abbot himself took me in and conferred upon me the title of hermit of SHI YAN TEO. Shi Yan Teo became my monastic name that was bestowed upon me. I continued to use this name everywhere in my life. It meant: He who took the path that looks impossible. After my appointment, it was open to me to teach the monks, as a master monk. This post was given to me to correct the teachings that were recognized in the monastery. It was a system based solely on faith. Faith without any physical activity, without sex, without women, it was a monastery to cry about. Unfortunately. However, I was given the teachings to pass on to this monastery, and I started to act immediately after my appointment. I set up groups of monks, groups of 20, where each group had its own training schedules. The schedule was set up so that each group would be trained in every aspect of the teachings that I brought to the temple.

The division into groups was of great benefit. There was order and order, and the members of each group became like members of one family. They helped each other, they counseled each other, they learned all aspects of the teachings of life together. The whole system was based on 3 main aspects: physical training, meditation: spiritual training, and health and knowledge training. Each of these aspects was broken down into other aspects that made up the whole of life, as such, and to this day this knowledge is still used all over the world. It was the teaching of acupuncture, chi kung, herbs, philosophy, methods of self discovery. These aspects formed the foundation of the teachings that were passed on to me during my studies within myself. I accepted this task, and I have also fulfilled it very responsibly. There were many doubters from outside, but once they experienced this system of life, they understood. The tired and feeble monks became the strongest unit, which in time was sent out into the world to spread this knowledge to the world after mastering all aspects. Many masters were sent out, but many were killed because they used new methodologies and knowledge that many tribes, nations and cultures did not like.

During my lifetime I have taught many dozens of masters who have also mastered their bodies, their minds perfectly, but they too still did not understand and kept coming to me for advice. I was a silent master who imparted knowledge and then put it into practice, but I was not what you would consider a sage or anyone like that. I lived a monastic life together with the monks of the monastery, I was also in the group of 20 just like everyone else. We kept ourselves healthy by working together, but our bodies and minds were constantly being strengthened. We achieved mastery. Mastery of our body, mastery of meditation, mastery of life. The mastery was this time I lived with everyone in the sacred place of Shaolin.

Let my life become an example that the intention to help will always be supported. For no matter the time, all will be given to you to help. But first help yourselves to know the truth. For you cannot get through ignorance of yourself to help others. Everyone’s work always begins within himself, not with others.

Helping others is a very noble intention, but you people do not understand this word. You can only give help by having this intention through your heart. For the heart is your strength. The heart will tell you whom to help and how to help. Each person is different and needs different help. Some need help that no one will give them any help!!! Don’t judge all people in situations the way you would like to. Understanding individuals will help you in understanding the whole, but first understand yourself, for understanding him will open up empathy for others, which will make you already know.

Once upon a time, 1500 years ago, my teachings were founded, which contained much wisdom of life. It took me many years to acquire this information by opening the gate of knowledge within myself. Many such masters walk here on Earth, today. Today’s time is different than during my lifetime. It is not about technology and the system of society, but about access to new energies, new principles. The universe is constantly changing, and everything is changing with it. What was commonplace yesterday is no longer true today. One has come here to discover themselves during the changes in their life, for this basic component of you, never changes during your lifetime.

Your life is a life of change, yet your essence is unchanging, so is it more effective to know the outer world, which changes as soon as you understand something, or is it more valuable to know your true self, which is unchanging throughout your life? That is up to you.

I chose to search for the truth within myself as it was revealed to me in a dream. This was my path in which I succeeded and brought forth knowledge and insight that was meant to help people towards themselves. It is such a journey that is full of knowledge and love. Do not look for love outside, look for love within, for it is important to take it upon your shoulders that what you are is affected by your whole life. Then you will begin to observe and know yourself, for knowing yourself will lead to knowing the outer world.

This outer world is full of obstacles that you can overcome with love and understanding if you know yourself. If you know yourself, then you KNOW!

You know my story. You know the journey I have taken here in my last incarnation. You know me, for I know you. Accept me into your heart and I will help you discover yourself. The heart is hidden behind many veils that are your trials that you must pass through. I was alone. I was alone and it took me 10 months to succeed in overcoming these veils. But you have the help of us ascended masters who are here for you. We are here to help set up the universal unified matrix. We are here for you to remember all that is necessary for your tasks. We are here, and it is up to you whether you wish to undergo the obstacles on your own without assistance, or whether you will take advantage of our help and undergo these trials with a helping hand. Strength lies in unity. If you have the power of yourself, you are strong, but if you have the power of other beings included, then you are only powerful and have the power to accomplish what you came here in this incarnation to accomplish!

Be powerful, awaken your Self with the combined power of you and us, the masters of light. For the light is the power behind the awakening of consciousness. Light is the opening of the gateway to knowledge. The light, if awakened within you, will open the door of knowledge to all who receive your light. Light means the radiating of your energy. You, if you are awakened, are spreading your light through the energies that are constantly changing between people. As you exert your energy, even unconsciously, on another person’s energy field, they become enlightened. Enlightened in the sense of igniting a spark of knowledge, for he who walks on water shows the way to those who are drowning. He will show that there is also a way over the water. Water can become a friend, not just a drowning place in which we are stuck because of our misunderstanding of it. Water is both medicine and pain at the same time. But if you understand its importance, then you can use what you need at the moment. Become those who KNOW. If you become those who KNOW, then you will be a beacon of light that will show the way to all who see that beacon.

This beacon, which will be part of your energy system, will work on a subconscious level for each person. Every person unconsciously desires to know themselves and the world as it really is, and therefore they will read your energies at the subconscious level, which will then work as a trigger for the reactions of knowledge. Call it an energy catalyst. As one enters the energies of such awakened people, one becomes more open to knowledge. It doesn’t work by preaching to people, but it is about giving them the necessary catalytic energies, or even showing them what people are capable of if they take the path of knowledge.

Knowledge, a word that is repeated over and over again, why? Because once one knows what life is all about, then only then can one discover. He who does not know cannot discover. You can’t find gold unless you know it and know what it’s for. A person who is not aware of gold, such a person will pass by it even if it is a whole rock of gold. If you don’t have the knowledge that guides you in a certain way, then you will never complete the journey. But if you have the information, you know it, you know what it means, then you can start on the path of discovery and knowledge.

How could a man with glasses know the world if he lost his glasses and saw nothing? You have all lost the glasses that made you see everything so clearly. Some can make out outlines, but some have completely fallen into the darkness of their vision. Show such people that even without glasses a person can fully recover his sight and see the world as it really is.

My task now is to guide my heritage, the culture of the Shaolin Temple, that is what I left here on Earth in the last incarnation, what I discovered and learned, what I passed on to everyone, what I managed to discover. Very much has been lost, but only in the material world. If the Shaolin monks decide to discover within themselves, then the richness of Shaolin culture will increase many times over, and moreover in new techniques, new energies. I will lead the proponents of my heritage to discover what is important. I am a monk, a Shaolin patron, I am SHI YAN TEO, who is known throughout the world as Bodhidharma. I am here and let those who walk the path of my heritage discover themselves through the journey in my presence!!!

May Shaolin become the greatest lightworkers in the world. Self-knowledge through the mastery of the body, mastery of the knowledge of the inner self, mastery of the knowledge of the inner self, all of this is part of my heritage, so let this heritage spread to the whole world, for it is high time that it does.

I, Bodhidharma, am always here and will always be here, for I am the master who has been ascended. I have mastered myself and have known what is important, my essence and thus the essence of all-being.

May my heritage be guarded by the Shaolin monks, never to be lost in this world. May my teaching of the development of the human spirit together with the human body be eternal. May knowledge flow through the heart of every human being like an endless waterfall of knowledge. Open the gates to this flow of information, for if you do not, you are harming yourselves by your limitations and thus the whole universe, the whole world suffers because what you can give to the world through your inner self are gifts that can change the whole world. Not only knowledge, but technology, health, everything is available if one delves into one’s inner self as I was able to do during my incarnation.

You may know the teachings of the Buddha, the Buddha is my greatest friend because our teachings were so united and one develops the other. Our story was similar even though we each had a different path. I was the poor monk and he was the heir to the throne, what a difference, but what a paradox that both the poorest and the richest came to know themselves through forgetting all that surrounded them and by delving within, they came to know reality without the distortion of the outside world. We sit shoulder to shoulder, master to master, we are here to support everyone, for everyone deserves our support.

Master Yeshua, Master Mohammed, Master Moses, Master Confucius, Master Judas, all the ascended masters are here now together and we are watching every step you take. Know that we, the masters, are many, though we are still few in number to achieve what we would like to achieve. It will take many, many more years before our plan is finally completed, before the necessary number of souls have ascended to move the collective consciousness of the universe into a higher realm!

We masters are on an energetic plane, we no longer exist on any physical plane, we live as multidimensional beings doing the work of the Father Source. We are in thousands of places at the same time, incarnated on many worlds, just as you are now here on Earth. We are here with you and you do not even know it. I personally have not incarnated since my master incarnation here on Earth, for I help from the realm of the masters so that Shaolin have a guardian hand over them to show them the way and provide support whenever they need it.

While I am not with you physically, my energy permeates everyone who ventures into the sacred places of the Shaolin Temple, or who studies my teachings, I empower them with my energy.

May my energy guard my legacy forever, for there is no force that can completely disrupt my legacy.

Let the monks of Shaolin seek and expand my teachings, for I have only laid the building blocks upon which, however, an entire palace can be built that will reach the heavenly regions. I have bequeathed to all of you these foundations, which each of you can use for your own building work. If you want to build a palace, you must show more effort than the one who erects a tent on these foundations.

The palace that you build during your lifetime can be enriched with many wonderful ornaments, materials, and you can use the help of others to build your palace much sooner than you could do it alone. Everything is in your control. However, the foundation must always be solid, like a rock, even in an earthquake these foundations must not be disturbed, for no matter how solid, how beautiful a palace you build, it will always collapse if the foundation stones are poorly assembled. Let this be a challenge to you to seek the foundations in my legacy that I have left here on earth.

But be creative, don’t be fooled by what looks amazing but is not, quite the opposite. Watch everything carefully and apply everything you learn to your life to see if it is the truth or a mere lie meant to cloud your mind from the truth.

My role here has been to impart these basics, which are general tools for self-knowledge. I passed on all that I knew, what I had discovered in myself. You must now take up my teachings where they left off and begin to complete them. Let this be a challenge to the Shaolin Temple not to lag behind in what has been, but to take the path of progress that will show the world the truth of self, Bodhidharma.

Now let us talk about the basic principles I have left here on earth. Believe me, there was much that I was allowed to know and pass on. But the basis of my teaching is my path to knowledge itself, for it is not important how many books I have written, what is important is that I have shown the way by which people can obtain knowledge itself.

Without the help of others, only by using one’s own inner self, which is omniscient and immeasurable. I have already described the path, now let us look together at the other aspects I have brought here.

The physical body, the component of ourselves that accompanies us from birth until our death here on planet Earth. The physical body is the only way to truly know yourself, for by knowing your body you can enter into states that allow you to know yourself. So the first integral teaching was physical training, not only active training, running, but also static postures that had a beneficial effect on our bodies. It was a system that used the work of the mind, the work of energy, Mother Gaia and the work of the body.

Part of the training was to use the energies to strengthen the body and change the necessary essences into others so that harmony of all the essences, which are the building blocks of the body, could be achieved. The knowledge that I imparted on this subject has been completely forgotten, now there are only records of the techniques that were used to create the balance of essences and train the body part of man. Part of the current culture of Shaolin is learning these techniques through experience, it is no longer accurate what is used for what, they should again write down the exact procedures and information, for without knowledge there is no training, training without knowledge is like using a computer without knowing anything about it. Through study and subsequent practice, excellent results can be achieved, but without knowledge, the training itself can take a lifetime, and that is what I have shown people as a whole, the writings of the techniques and how they work, thus achieving excellent results. The monks who lived in the Shaolin monastery at that time, they had perfect control over their bodies. They knew what power it had, what wisdom abounded! What a pity that many were damned for the sake of politics and power. How many men have fallen to pervert my teachings… This has indeed happened, but men have retained in their hearts the knowledge they have always written down again. Much has been destroyed, temples have been burned again and again, and yet they have always been rebuilt, and the culture that I have bequeathed to you is still here today.

Another integral part of my teachings was self-knowledge. This is of course also connected with physical training, but where we get to know ourselves from the outside. The other part of my heritage is discovering myself as I was able to find myself as well. This state of self-awareness is only possible through deep meditation, where you find yourself outside of space and time. You will discover who you are, what you want, what you do, what you are meant to do, all will be discovered if you achieve true deep meditation of knowledge. Step 3 also comes through meditation. The third part of my teachings, and that is the writing down of what is passed on to us, what we have discovered, this knowledge further serves, as a building block for all who desire knowledge. Through the third part of my teachings all knowledge was to be transmitted to the whole world. But this has been forgotten. Already at this time, the principles I have left behind are only partially working. The rest has been forgotten, but by tapping into my energies again in Shaolin, the complete restoration of my legacy in its pure form will begin and the study and dissemination of information to the world will begin again as I intended and wished it to be, Bodhidharma.

Another component of my heritage was the temple management system. The temple was run by a council, not an abbot. This was the system I brought to Shaolin Monastery. The council of masters, this council ran this Shaolin temple, because an individual, no matter how advanced, should not have the power to decide everything. My message in this area was to establish power in multiple people who were recognized as the highest masters of that time, of that monastery. Such a position was always held by the 4 highest masters who were present and living in the temple at the time.

This principle ensures balance and appropriate conditions for management and decision making. If an individual falls, the remaining masters will encourage him and take his role. However, if 1 person rules, he has no opportunity for his personal growth. He is restricted. It is impossible to develop when as the head of Shaolin you have to constantly do the necessary work. If 4 supreme masters take the leadership of the temple, there is constant development, constant protection, constant stability. Let the abbot of Shaolin decide whether or not to restore this cultural heritage of mine again. Bodhidharma!

My other legacy was the establishment of temples by the masters who were educated. Masters were chosen to spread the writings, knowledge and demonstration of the perfection of self-development to the world. This tradition, although even today the masters go out into the world, have thrown away the original concept and now only pass on superficial information that will help, but not to complete understanding. It is more like wisdom that one has to understand for oneself. Even nowadays monks do not know the exact meanings of the sages that are spoken by them. They think that there is no need to elaborate on these wisdoms, for everyone must find the information within himself. But this is wrong, especially in these times, for if you give a person a wisdom with its description, he will immediately understand. But if you leave it without a description, he may not discover the true meaning until many years later, and this is certainly not wise in our time, for nowadays it is necessary to awaken people as much as possible, and this is not done by riddles, but by concrete information which must spread out into the world.

Another legacy that I have left here is the temples all over China. I left behind temples that were dedicated to self-knowledge. They were temples that were called HATHA! But these temples were destroyed by the rulers of China. Personally, I was behind the then Tsar who once ruled China during the Tao Dynasty. I was invited to the palace to be heard, and we made an agreement that these temples would be allowed to be built in exchange for passing on the knowledge of the kingdom at that time. It was not a problem for us to share the knowledge of that time, for if there are also people in the kingdom who know themselves, then this royal family will surely benefit the whole earth. But this did not happen, for they only desired power and refused to look within. They only used the information that was applicable on the physical plane and that was the end of their teachings. However, Hatha temples soon began to be built and masters were being prepared to take charge of these temples to spread knowledge and understanding. These temples have long since faded into obscurity, having been destroyed during the changes of dynasties…

This was the message I wanted to remind you of. I wasn’t just a monk who sat and meditated. I was trying to awaken human potential through the development of all aspects of being. See me as someone who has been instrumental in spreading the truth to the world, and in part I have certainly succeeded, for the Shaolin Temple is known throughout the world and my followers are teaching themselves. That is what I would like to highlight. Learning about oneself, discovering one’s own power, one’s own essence, one’s own streams of information, that is what is important and what everyone should do during their lifetime, learning about oneself, because by learning about oneself one releases the blocks that prevent all knowledge from coming to the surface.

I, Bodhidharma, am with you all. I am here because it is my task from the Father-Source, and I will fulfill my task as it has been given to me even on Earth. Keep your eyes open and your hearts open, for only then will you see even that which looks beautiful but is worm-eaten from within.

Beware, for you have the power to see the truth if you so choose. Be mindful in your lives, be yourself, so that you always feel good. Being in harmony with yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourself. But this gift is the reward for working hard on yourself, there is no other way to harmony than through your own knowledge of yourself. Know your inner self carefully, every day, whether in meditation or by observing yourself in normal life. Life is constantly throwing sticks at your feet to watch this path carefully, if you stumble on it then you are inattentive, that is the whole story of human obstacles. How simple and you think your life is cursed or whatever… It is not. It is what you need it to be to discover yourself.

Knowing yourself through all aspects of your being is what I have left here on Earth, and I ask all who this writing reaches to abandon judgement and laziness and give all aspects of their lives their full attention without distinction. For there are many paths through knowledge, the first of which is through meditation, the second is through knowledge, and the third, knowledge of the physical plane of existence, one’s perfect body. A body that is not a mere shell, that has a life span. This shell is a unique part of you and through the body you can discover your true essence. Do not look outside, look right where you are.

You who are reading these lines, you have been guided by life to discover this writing. Whether you are a proponent of Shaolin or have never heard of it, I urge you to begin to work on yourself, for through the perfect interplay of all aspects of being you are allowed to know all that truly matters. May your intention become sacred and lead you down the illuminated path of self. This I wish for you dear readers and will accompany you on your journey for ever and ever.

With the highest love and respect,

Master Bodhidharma

Wisdom for the end

“For people with the deepest understanding look within, undistracted by anything, for the clear mind is the Buddha. They attain the understanding of the Buddha without the use of their minds.”

Master Bodhidharma