Marek Szweda


~ Personal experience ~

To be honest, throughout my entire life, up until the time of my “awakening”, I was never able to write, draw, or express myself in any way through art, as such (not counting my essays and art classes in school, which I really struggled in). It was only after my life was filled with the realization of certain life principles that came out of the blue in my life that that creative consciousness began to awaken in me of creating something that would enrich my life with something that is truly my own and very close to me, not something that is created by others and then affects my consciousness of who I am. For after all, our surroundings that we create, that we choose for ourselves, influence us incredibly and largely create who we are.

And so began the study of my creative consciousness, a study that is more of a playing and trying out of the new that has been hidden within me until now, awaiting my “awakening” and the discovery of this aspect that we have kept hidden from ourselves, like a treasure waiting for the right moment to manifest in our lives, thus enriching our journey of knowledge with the wonderful experiences, the wonderful experiences, and the many insights that make up our life journey here.

I mentioned creative consciousness above – but what is it? It’s a state of consciousness that each of us gets into in the course of our lives. Some are in this state for most of their lives, while some never experience this state. It is a true freedom to create in harmony with oneself, for every person desires to express themselves, they are just held back by what their surroundings create, how they are influenced, and the environment in which they live their lives, whether cultural, geographical, or demographic, it all has a profound effect on the way we are brought up, the way we are inspired, the settings in which we then actively live our lives and the individual “lessons” that come to us in our journey of discovery.

Very closely this theme is related to the concept of Buddha – Buddhism as such depicts the path to “enlightenment”, a state of consciousness that depicts a certain level that one reaches through one’s own awareness of that attained state. However, the enlightened one can become an ordinary person if he loses the state of enlightenment, therefore any state of consciousness is always a mere state in the here and now as an experience. We cannot say that a person can live an enlightened life here from his birth to old age, we cannot live in only one state, for then that state of “enlightened” would not be here either (for then Buddhism would not be here either, would it? ), for we live in a dual world, where one state is there to differentiate from another, but unless we experience one state we cannot differentiate the other state, hence it is the highest school where one tries all states of consciousness and decides for oneself which state one wants to experience at any given moment – that is our free choice!

Of course, in order to live a “conscious” or “awakened” life, it is first necessary to work with our attention, which indicates what state our consciousness is in. If one cannot keep one’s attention where one wants it to go (whether it is being interrupted by someone, receiving a message that disrupts the flow of current thoughts and ideas, whether it is a state of stress or emotional instability, and so on… ), then those states of consciousness manifest without the person in question having any awareness of what they are experiencing, in short, they are experiencing life at an unconscious level of self-expression that we can call “non-awakening”.

And what do I mean by this?

“Be attentive to what is going on in your lives, what you are experiencing within you, for that attentiveness is the key to begin to work with our consciousness and the individual states of consciousness that we want to experience, that we want to develop, that we want to use to actively create in our lives, and it is the creative consciousness that is where our attention should be focused if we want to express ourselves through art and express our whole life, as a whole, for our life is our artistic creation that defines who we are. “

In order not to be just a general information about how I perceive this whole topic, I will write here a few examples of how this creative consciousness has gradually started to manifest in my life. I will start with the simplest first and gradually develop it into a more detailed principle of the manifestation of art that has gradually begun to permeate my life.

Ironically, it all started with what was my worst aspect in terms of art and creativity – and that was writing – yes, I was never creative and essays in school always gave me trouble – I never knew how to write the story, I didn’t know, what kind of plot to put in that essay, so that according to the formal arrangement it would have that “climax” of the plot and the gradual escalation and gradation of the tension of the storyline, so that it would be somehow interesting and readable for the reader (i.e. the teacher)… Well, in short, it was very stressful for me, what I’m going to tell you here. 

Many of you are certainly familiar with the term “automatic writing/automatic writing”, which is very often mentioned and described in many “esoteric and spiritual” literatures. In the period of that “awakening” it just came into my life, quite naturally, without any desire for it, about as a child born into the world takes its first breath, quite naturally, without planning that breath. I took a pencil in my hand, put a paper in front of me, and through self-awareness, I got into a state of creative consciousness, where my hand, in its essence, began to write my story. It wasn’t in the way I had written any text before – I had always first considered in my mind what I was going to write about, what structure and form it would take, what form it would take, all of that went away in that state of consciousness, and only the creative consciousness remained, which began to manifest itself in that moment through the written text, which came simply and simply without any cause, without any stress or resistance, quite naturally, like the first breath of a newborn child, which is the most beautiful likeness of the experience of something new, but at the same time so natural that one is truly captivated by what one is capable of. And so for the first time I experienced that creative awareness and working with my state of consciousness into a form that I gave my attention to and allowed to manifest quite naturally.

 Creative consciousness is the state of your attunement that you experience for the benefit of your own life creation.

Attend to creativity as you attend to anything else in your lives!

Yes, this was the first step towards a glimpse into the state of the creative Buddha. Of course, it took some time before I was able to reach the actual state of creative creation, where I can sit down at the computer, get into that state of consciousness and write a short book in one day (including topics not yet studied, admittedly mostly philosophical, I am a bit of a philosopher, right? ), without having to prepare something in my mind, without having to invent something with my mind, in short, you follow the flow of that consciousness, and you let that creative consciousness express itself in its entirety without interfering with it with our mind, which disturbs that flow and limits its expression.

Immediately afterwards, new ways of using that creative consciousness in my life appeared. I began to sing, I began to move as the leaves follow and adapt to the flow of the wind. This is intuitive creation through tapping into our creative consciousness, which can enrich our lives in many areas, harmonize our lives, and more! Intuition is very important at the beginning, one has to pay attention to aspects that until now have been very much neglected in the life of the practitioner and walled behind the barriers of the mind, culture and life of the practitioner as such. Then, when one wants to regain that nature, one has to pay attention behind that created barrier, which is overcome in different ways – for some it is enough to pay attention where it is needed, for some certain life events come into their life that awaken that creative consciousness, for some it is awakened with activated talents… It is simply different for each individual person. There is no universal way to approach that creative consciousness, because each of us is unique, isn’t he? 

And so I began to discover new ways, new activities, new opportunities and talents that now enrich my life and make it more meaningful, more playful and most importantly, for me, activate my own Self and the potential of my own consciousness, which I am at my core.

 This article is not intended to detail wisdom on spiritual practices and spiritual topics in general. The goal is to inspire people to pay attention to themselves, as the state of consciousness they are in greatly affects their lives. Therefore, become a Buddha, whether martial, creative, or peaceful.

Wisdom for the end

“Art is what many consider to be an expression of the self. Art is the way we speak, the way we move, the way we express ourselves as a whole person.”

Marek Szweda