Marek Szweda


~ Personal experience ~

In my life, I have never thought about my mission before my spiritual pilgrimage. No, it wasn’t that I didn’t think about what to do and what to do, like being an engineer or maybe being a coach to just have enough money and luxury. Not at all, I thought about it and imagined how I would get rich! : D However, that mission was never at all …

And so it was a pleasant surprise for me that without thinking about the mission, the mission will somehow begin to be defined and begin to fulfill the life of the person, and he will begin to be happy and filled with what he creates.

My spiritual path came to my life out of the blue. It wasn’t like I had any abilities from an early age, or thinking about mysticism and spirituality. There were signs of that, of course, but anyone can say that. Absolutely everyone. 🙂 So to end it in some way, I want to tell you all that as soon as a person enters his spiritual path, then that spirituality will fill his life. If one accepts the path of destiny, destiny will fulfill his path. If a person decides to live a happy life, then he will live a happy life.

My path of “destiny” has been filled with what I have accomplished in recent years. And the main thing for me in this speech was to write a work here in connection with the spiritual level. The work is called the SIOMA X project – or the spiritual mystery, which offers each reader to immerse themselves in the energies of the spiritual sphere and begin to “tune”, as a musical instrument using a tuner to information from “higher” spheres, where we can draw wisdom never seen before. . That is my message to all. That was my job here. That was what I needed to do not for myself, but for all of us who are here on planet Earth in this time and space.

There are currently three main writings – Master Toruka and the Wisdom of Everyday Life, Master Etiops and The End of Energy Ignorance, and Master Itaniel I and Change as the Primordial Principle of Knowledge.

These are books that are not “ordinary” … they are very specific in their content and also in their writing style. It is written in meditations, some call this process channeling, some call automatic scripting, some talk to God, some connect with their deeper wisdom, … Everyone, whatever he calls it. 🙂 The most important thing for me is that I wrote it all in a pure state of being, when the content of the text was not distorted by my ego and thus it was possible to write down the purest essence I was able to do at a given time.

The writings are really very important to me. Some would say it’s just bullshit, and I’d say the same thing if these books got into my hands, for example, 10 years ago. However, life leads us a certain path, where we experience certain experiences and “lessons” that lead us to a broader insight, a deeper understanding of our experienced reality. And so I published these books exactly as I was given to write them. Someone would convert that text into the classic form of books, where it would not be known that it is channeling, certain phrases, certain parts would be omitted and I could act as a spiritual teacher, but it would lose all inner wisdom and then it would only be line of paper with text, which are full of libraries.

It was a real dilemma for me, should I publish such books at all? What do others think of me? … Yes, the ego worked at full speed, but when I edited and formatted those books in terms of graphics and spelling, the wisdom written in these writings filled me with amazement at that written wisdom that I gradually went through the individual veils of unconsciousness and discovered what that text actually brings to people.

They are not books to read overnight, yes, the first reading can be so quick and shallow that one can orient oneself in that text, but that is not the goal at all. The goal is UNDERSTANDING. And one achieves this by immersing oneself in what is written and accepting the view offered to him through that reading. It’s nothing more. Just to dive into that text, like when you undress and jump into the water – that’s the experience. Otherwise, it is just a description of an experience that one who has never jumped into the water like this will not understand. And that’s what these books are about. About how to live real life, not just assumptions that have little to do with reality.

After I finished all three books, the three mysteries fit together perfectly. All the information from the individual books has been created by a perfect harmonious picture of life, and one thus gains “ground under one’s feet”, wherever one goes – to work, to relationships, to politics, to mysticism and spirituality, in short, anywhere.

In recent years, when the script was written, I have come across a lot of wisdom in the quotations of other philosophers and mystics, and yet, the core is always the same, it’s just a question of what one pays attention to and time. This is the free choice of man.

But the most beautiful thing was that after writing these books, I had my Gnanna Khandam read in the palm leaf library, and the night before the reading, a spiritual master joined me and blessed me. After speaking to me in the language of masters, he also gave me a message in Czech, telling me that I had done what I had come to do here – the writing of these three very key books to understand and accept what it was to be. “MAN”. And just the next morning, while reading my palm leaf, I was told that I had received the blessings of the Maharis, which as such was a sacred affirmation of all this – my feelings, my experiences, the experiences of my loved ones and also the undistorted interpretation of India. he confirmed the blessing, but he also confirmed that I was directly connected with the “Supreme Soul” and that wisdom was manifested through written form, which was an activity I did not mention anywhere at the time.

And so what was given to me was done.


And what’s next? …

To be yourself and to do everything in harmony with yourself, because it is this state of being

brings gifts never before seen.

Wisdom for the end

“We only live life once. Yes, only once! Although the timeline does not exist in nature, we are here right now and right now to live our lives. The only and most important question is in what qualities we want to experience it.”

Marek Szweda