Marek Szweda


~ Everyday wisdom ~

The really interesting topic of RESPONSIBILITY is a very uncomfortable topic for us, whether it is just our responsibility that people assign to us in our work, or whether it is responsibility for our thoughts, or overall, for our own lives, or life, as a whole…. Oh yes, we do have so much responsibility in our lives!!! 🙂 And yet, few people truly accept their responsibility for their own lives, as a whole. There is no need to delude ourselves that we are not the masters of our destiny, for indeed we are, whether it is what we do in our lives by virtue of our free creation, or whether it is the very experience of these events that depends on our level of consciousness that manifests through the very experience of these given situations that we undergo in our lives every day, every hour, every moment of our lives. Oh yes, I could go on like this and tell you how responsible you are for everything that happens in your life, and indeed in the world! 🙂 However, I don’t really want to do that at all, it’s not the purpose of this article … I’m just teasing your ego a bit now, and the base instincts that try to attribute our own responsibility to “higher plans, fate, gods, angels or demons, or other people … ” it usually doesn’t even matter if we believe in something more than it really is, because if we want to pass our own responsibility to someone else, we will pass it on, even to those we don’t consider real, and thus begins a cycle of passing on our own responsibility for our own lives that ends up with us eventually believing that we have long since lost responsibility for our own lives, that we have been stripped of our own creative talents.

No, I don’t want you to suffer the stress of actually doing it that way now! 🙂 That’s not my intention, and it’s certainly not something I want you to dwell on right now as you read this article. What I want is for you to begin to actively view your own responsibility for your own life – that’s right – for your own lived life, not as a punishment, but as your opportunity to take responsibility back into your own hands.

I would like to ask you now, if someone gives you a chocolate, do you feel happy and gifted, that you have truly earned the chocolate? Or do you feel offended, wondering if the donor’s intention is to make you even fatter? What is he even allowing himself to do? … And to answer you, yes, this is exactly how responsibility for our own lives manifests itself. Our responsibility could be portrayed as a specific response to real events that happen to us in our daily lives, in every moment of our life’s journeys. Indeed, there are many occasions where we respond in our own way to given life situations and thereby create our own reality through our own experiences of only and only experiencing real events that we respond to only and only, to our own responsibility depending upon who we are or our level of consciousness. No one else determines how we should feel during given life situations, what we actually do, how we react unexpectedly, what we say to others, what we think about in our own lives… It is always and only us, as the creators of our own experience right here and now.

So… it was such a load of responsibility right from the beginning that it makes you want to shut the whole thing down and have a chocolate… :))) Do you think I’m writing this to try to humiliate you in some sense? To provoke? … Maybe… And maybe not. Maybe I’m just writing this so that we can all truly realize that the world is indeed a subjective affair, where our own expression of our true selves always matters, without all the trappings we put on to make ourselves look better than we truly feel in our gut would be appropriate in a given situation.

~ Destiny? ~

~ Coincidence? ~

~ Choice! ~

What do you think, could we use this physical case also in the framework of the principle of responsibility? 🙂

As mentioned in the basic philosophical overview, it is quite appropriate to begin to address here now the fact that reality itself consists of multiple perspectives, whether that perspective is on objective or subjective reality, it does not matter in this case. The fundamental one is the view of the participant who experiences the event itself and through his own reactions reacts in a certain way to this particular lived situation in his own way – that is all of us who are alive. 🙂 Then there is the second view of the situation through the perspective of the observer who is a non-participant observer of the event itself. He observes the actual causes and consequences of the situation and evaluates them without any active involvement in the process.

Optimally, one should act from both perspectives – that of the participant and that of the observer. In this way everything gradually starts to move into a very natural state where you react and are aware of this reaction. And that is what it is all about! 🙂 It is one of the basic principles in general – if you are sad, be aware that you are sad and either do something about it or not – the decision is yours. If you are joyful, rejoice and realize that you are rejoicing. If you are angry, experience anger, but realize that you are experiencing anger! This is the blending of the observer’s and participant’s perspectives into one holistic view that, over time, begins to change your perception and experience.

~ Observer's view ~

~ Participant's view ~

~ The view of wholeness ~

Have the desire to create yourself, to develop yourself, for in doing so you will be actively taking responsibility for your own lives gradually to the point where you are actually actively creating every aspect of your own life. No one, not even I, can tell you how far you will be able to go on your journey, how much of your life you will be able to actively transform into your dream life. However, my goal is to inspire you to do just that, so that throughout your lives you will have the desire to explore all that you are capable of achieving if you truly devote your “heart” to it, so that you will be happy and fulfilled with what you are doing in your life, so that one day a beautiful tree will blossom from your seed, that everyone will admire, enjoy the sight of, smell the fragrance of, be able to refresh themselves on its fruits, so that others will have the strength and inspiration they need to plant their own seed of responsibility for their own lives, thus igniting the flames of knowledge and allowing the cycle of life to continue, no matter what stands in its way.

Wisdom for the end

“Each of us tends to the seed we plant, which we water every day by our own actions in the real world. It is our “responsibility” to provide our seed with moisture and nutrients every day so that the seed itself can, over time, sprout and grow into a beautiful, perfect flower, precisely because of our daily actions that are meant to give that seed what it needs.

If we are able to listen to ourselves, then we will be able to give this seed of ours the nourishment it needs, which will result in the blossoming of the Flower of Life, for that is what life itself is all about.”

Marek Szweda