Marek Szweda


~ Spiritual channeling ~


You are nothing
I’m nothing
there is nothing if I told you to meet your expectations.

Don’t expect anything
for expectation is a path that does not exist.

Be honest with yourself,
you are nothing.

Nothing matters
what you will never see.

It’s nothing
what makes you up.

It’s nothing
what you need to understand.

If you understand this basic idea,
you will be enlightened.

Enlightenment = liberated from ways,
whatever they are.

Don’t expect any trip here,
for there is no way.
You are like nothing.


Understand the incomprehensible.

Become everything and nothing at the same time.

There is no good here.

There is no darkness.

You are nothing and everything at the same time.

Understand nothing, and you will be whole.

Understand something, you’ll get lost in it.

I say goodbye to you in a successful farewell.
But which is nothing but a word,
which means division and yet there is no division,
it cant be,
because there is nothing.


Wisdom for the end

“Birds — I know they can fly; fish – I know they can swim; wild animal – I know he can run. But I don’t understand how a dragon can fly with the wind and clouds and ascend to the sky. Today I saw Lao-c´a; I think it’s equal to a dragon. “

This is what Chung-c ‘said after meeting Master Lao’C