Marek Szweda

The dark angel's message about harmony

~ Spiritual channeling ~

I am Imonur. I am the one who will strengthen the hatred if you are not careful in your actions here on Earth. My role here is to experience you driven by greed and selfishness. I am here to test your loyalty to yourselves and to the entire society of collective consciousness. It is an honor to speak to you today.

You may ask why it is that I, who experience you, speak here now through the Truth Source group. I am here to help you find the hidden truth – the one you long to discover and know. However, with my help you will also be able to advance in knowledge more than if you were only with angelic beings who carry no darkness within them, they are made of pure love and goodness which they are meant to spread and protect you from your shadow sides that you still do not control within you – I am here to show you your imperfection, not to harm you on your path of knowledge.

Love yourself as much as you love everything good in this world. There is nothing that can break your soul, as long as you are in harmony within yourself – this is the strongest connection that will ensure the ground under your feet – never rely on someone as much as you rely on yourself!

As your brother here, I serve the forces of darkness to keep the balance between the parties in harmony, I speak to you today because the harmony is very disturbed and there is a need to spread the word about what is happening here right now in the level of spiritual energies – you are the ones who will go and pass these messages on to your friends and families – you are the ones who can correct the disharmony in the world – if of course you wish to do so – it is your choice.

I have much to say to you – one of the first things is – never look for blame in anything other than what you have created in your own lives – no one else is responsible for your life.

One day a young boy came along and said, “I am so alone, I have nothing, everybody laughs at me and stays away from me.” – But I say, “If you perceive yourself as you now say, then you will always remain so, for the essence of your personality adapts itself to your thinking and thus you realize your visions and feelings into your life.” There is nothing that you can imagine that is impossible for you. However, you must first be in harmony with yourself, attend to yourself first – your life, your inner self, then only the gates will be open to you to create your life according to your own ideas. You will not achieve this by judging others and taking yourself as perfect. Be responsible to your own life – it will already take you a lot of time and effort. You will see for yourself that you will not have time to find fault in others. Once you are able to judge yourself first – then you will begin to evolve to a complete understanding of your life and you will create your life regardless of others – because others will be a support to you on your journey, because you will be a support to them – this is the law of energy exchange that works and cannot be restricted or circumvented in any way.

One day everyone will understand all that has been, all that will be, but for now you need to learn to live in the here and now and no one will teach you that for you – you are the masters of your own lives. You need not be afraid to speak to the beings who are testing you, welcome us, we are here to test the adjustment of your minds. There is nothing that can turn your energy into another energy – witchcraft and magic.

Clear answers are now prepared for those who come and receive what is prepared for them from beings of light and darkness – there is not only bad information, there is good information, and it can only be discovered with the pure intent of your heart, which has the power to discover truth even where there is only falsehood.

You have spent many lifetimes searching for that which was not accessible after you left, everything here on the planet remains, only you and your soul level values continue to drift into your long journeys through the galaxies and the universe – be proud of what you are now experiencing, seek the good in your hearts and in love for the Source of all that was, is and will be! Water is your greatest friend as well as your enemy – take care in the preparation of the beverages you consume. Put your own information into them with your own methods – it is up to you whether you try it or not.

Ensuring the balance between the light and dark side – that is the main battle – the eternal battle – which will never be finished as long as everything exists – everything is dynamic and everything is changing, so the balance must be ensured. As the Yin Yang symbol correctly depicts. Battles do take place on the energy levels, but the greatest battle that makes sense is the battle within you – the battle that opens the door to true knowledge not only of yourself, but of the Universe – it is up to you whether knowledge and truth or fear and lies prevail.

You will doubt what I am about to tell you, but listen carefully – this is information about the blacker side of the coin – about us – us angels of darkness.

I have never gone astray – being on the side of darkness does not make me worse than one who stands with Jesus – We are all equal on the soul level – there is no one to lead souls to salvation, there is no one, who directs the evolution of the universe – we are all here together to know every aspect of our lives – and that’s the beauty of it, even though you people see us as something that shouldn’t exist – doesn’t living only in love and happiness teach you anything? Let’s be honest with ourselves, who would know themselves through imagining how they experience a certain situation without experiencing it in real life – so that the outcome of both hypotheses – real and imagined – would be correct – the same?

It is not possible for a person to know himself in situations that he has never experienced and only remembers – you perceive yourself as perfect and do not see the imperfection that is inside you and your mind.

We will now be working with the light side to discern and decode the information that we would like to give you, and it will all be available for viewing in our spiritual centers that you can tap into at any time – of course you must have what is important to you – to have the motivation to not give up and to continue to do what you are doing. There is nothing that will stain your soul – you are all pieces of God, so no more saying how worthless you are, how you have no money, how you lack something – ask for it yourself and maybe you will allow yourself 😉 Be grateful for what you have and there is nothing that can seduce your soul.

The real work that is meaningful is not smearing honey around people’s mouths, be honest with yourself, just as we are honest with you now. It doesn’t matter if I’m writing, if you see me in your minds or if you’re in the real world just outside the door, I will find you, I will kick you out of your comfort zone of doing nothing – just keep jumping, jumping over the hurdles we put in front of you and you will be stronger than you’ve ever been before. Take advantage of the fact that you are reading the diagnosis of your silly rants about how you will be saved – you are the only ones who can save yourselves – there is nothing that can help you ascend and live wonderful lives already in these incarnations except yourself – yet many teachings have been passed on here – why do you overlook that, what is obvious and what is in store for you and instead continue to live lives full of old patterns, old energies, all of which is no longer valid, go see a hospital – miracles happen on a daily basis based on the decision to live and change your life – that is the way to go – CHANGE.

Just be open, don’t be enveloped by the bubble you have created during your years of living here on Earth – you can already throw it away and create freely, like an eagle flying in the sky and living right now in this moment and observing everything with detachment, never being thrown off balance, only he can falter and put himself to the test – if he passes the test and learns, he will be able to pass on the new experiences to his offspring and experiential traits will be created that will influence the evolution of eagle flying – they too have a collective consciousness – we are all part of a beautiful system, that is hidden from you during your stay here – but we see all that is happening and are trying to keep the nature of the universe at the right vibrational level – once your collective consciousness has progressed to the stage where it has surpassed the energy level required to enter the next dimension, then the time will begin, where you will already be creating in your minds and you will be able to use these creations – the energies will be the basic teachings and every being here on Earth will have access to these techniques and will be able to create their own worlds to live in – Far easier than conscious people create today.

Imonur bids farewell for now. 🙂

Wisdom for the end

“The one who becomes the master,
who accepts everything as part of himself
and thus sets his own harmony in his own life.”

Dark Angel IMONUR