Marek Szweda


~ Creativity ~

And because I’m a model student, I participated in our school poetry competition… 
But the creative consciousness is always within us,
just to let go and show our respect for life…
And courage bore its fruit, for first place… was mine! 😉

Entry form for the OPF SLU poetry competition

“Because you are poetic guts and today is World Poetry Day, we are here with another CONTEST! 🏆

Come up with a poem that includes the words – spring, bud, poem and drop it here in the comments. 💣 The best poem will then win a faculty notebook, pen and hot beverage mug for your next creative moments!

~ Marek Szweda - Student spring ~

Spring is already finding its place among us,
Soon, it will scent everything with beautiful flowers.

The bud that has been hiding from us all this time,
Soon its true power will be revealed.

The beauty of nature is already walking among us,
We need only open our eyes and feel its wounds.

Wounds that shine like the sun,
What’s left here from last September.

Through the flowers, spring appears to us,
like a magical full moon bowing down from the sky.

The joyful songs of the birds make our lives more joyful,
as the sun shines and everyone rejoices.

But the darkness defends its magic,
for without it, there would be no bright place.

But the students study hard,
and soon their talents are successfully displayed.

The darkness of the veil of the examinations is closing in on us,
There is nothing left to weigh on our hearts.

But the credits are good for us,
as a Jedi warrior, to achieve them with a wave.

Enjoy the world with ease,
But just come from wisdom.

There’s wisdom all around,
but all you have to do is clean your grimy window.

Then only the view will appear,
that will give us the perspective of life.

Love cannot be seen with our eyes,
and yet it has danced with us so many times, blindly.

Be yourself in harmony with the world,
but then, everything will be filled with your light.

But the poem is just beginning,
for spring calls us to all things.

Wisdom for the end

“Let’s enjoy the life,
no one else will do it for us.” 😉

Marek Szweda