Marek Szweda


~ Great ideas ~

They say that crazy ideas take you the farthest, right? 🙂 That’s probably the case here…

One day we were with our club (Dragon Club Karviná, z.s. ) went for a run outside along the Olza river for a distance of some 5.6 kilometers, which were announced as a criterion in the competition called “Run with the Dean”, organized by the Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship in Karviná, when the competition was first organized in the form of digital performance due to coronavirus measures, when runners sent their own results from the run, which everyone captured on their smart mobile phones.

So we set off in the traditional line-up of heartthrobs who never fail to deliver when there’s an event or impromptu training session, and so we all met up at Darkov Bridge from where we were going to run that distance along the bank – well, could you think of a better place to run a speed course than in a beautiful setting trying to catch up with the flow of water, which after the heavy rain was very inspiring indeed in terms of speed? ! (Of course, I can think of running some sufficiently long route in the mountains just downhill, when we would have saved our strength thanks to the cable car, but that would probably not be entirely fair-play even to me personally, after all, such a running time if we ran full out downhill would probably not pass muster with the committee…) 

The aim of this “attempt” was to improve our time compared to the previous run we had done together a few days back, when it was really raining heavily and we were running the route around the Black Forest, which is characterized by really big elevation changes, one is always running in the dark, wet as a chicken uphill and then just steeply downhill for a while… Well it wasn’t exactly ideal for entering the competition, what am I going to tell you here, right? 🙂 The first run was at an average pace of 4:37 minutes per kilometre – the second run was successfully improved to 4:28 minutes per kilometre, so I pulled my pace down to just under 4:30, which was my target (although it seems like an insignificant difference, at six kilometres it makes almost a minute of time difference), so I was happy to submit this result to the competition and wait for the results … but that’s not what this article is about, is it?

After we had all run successfully to the “goal”, which was to run the distance, it was necessary to breathe a little and release muscle tension, which after the six kilometers of faster pace (at least for us), began to manifest itself quite significantly. Of course, we were right next to the river, so I figured that I would at least rest for a while and relax my legs in the water, thinking that I would not spoil anything, on the contrary, I would reward my legs with a great refreshment after such a performance… Well, this is how the idea was gradually formed, and before we arrived back to the cars together with everyone, we already had the idea of organizing a training in the form of a swim in our sea. As it was said, so it was. And that’s how the project of a regular swim outing from autumn to spring was born, which is open to everyone who wants to join! 🐬

Of course, we could have conducted these “training sessions” for club members only, but what would be the use if we only met the same people every time, without meeting someone new who could enrich us as much as we could enrich them? We think that it is the collaboration and making new contacts, new acquaintances, that is important, because we never know what life will bring to our path of knowledge if we go against it all. And so the Facebook group was officially created, I also created a website for it, and now it’s just nice to go running regularly from Monday to Friday and enjoy that bath that has become the key to it all… 🙂 

In the overall list of starters of that race I finished in a nice third place – but ironically, I didn’t win anything, which was quite disappointing, but I think I won a bit differently – because of the idea that came out of that competition!

About all this from the point of view of inner wisdom

Greetings, dear readers, my name is Master Toruka, and I would like to introduce you to what essentially means any idea or motive that comes to your mind in the course of your life’s journey, and it is entirely up to you and your free choice whether you implement and pursue these ideas and thoughts, or let them dissolve and wait for others that will be more suitable than the previous ones, according to your discretion. 

Each idea you accept is a new possibility that is offered into your life. There is no person who has the same thoughts and ideas as another person. Everyone is an individual and yet you form a whole, as such. Each of you has your own desires, your own aptitudes, your own treasures deep within you, whether they be ideas regarding new technologies, new wisdom, new training practices, or new projects in collaboration with other people to help awaken human purity. But it is up to each individual what he or she draws out of that heart, what he or she sees fit, what he or she devotes the “precious time” that he or she has here in the course of his or her life.

Remember that everyone has a limited amount of time. Each one disposes of his life as he sees fit. However, if people didn’t think only in greedy terms, so much wealth would come into their lives on its own without them having to do anything inherently. Everyone is free to choose to do what truly fulfills them. He who goes against himself deserves nothing but to suffer, for he thereby inflicts his own pain, which he then tries to forget by spending all that has brought him into this situation in life, and thus ends up essentially at the beginning of his own path of knowledge.

Well, that was on the subject of ideas and inspirations. Now let us turn our attention together to the subject of hardening and fitness. As you all know, fitness and health go hand in hand. Some consider them to be identical. They may be right, but they may not. Fitness implies a certain endurance, a certain muscular capacity that people can use for many tasks throughout their lives. Health is a somewhat more encompassing term, but one that inherently includes fitness as well!

Health is a concept that depicts the state of a given person. Healthy people are like saffron – they are so rare that they are almost impossible to find. Many people suffer from illnesses – we don’t have to talk about cancer, colds or flu … we can also talk about the disruption of health caused by stress, whatever its cause! People have ceased to devote themselves to their development, and instead have begun to fall more and more into that state of depression – that is, draining energy instead of taking it in and actively using the potential that is within everyone’s reach. This is due to nothing other than the UNHAPPINESS caused by the hardships that life has brought to their pilgrimage of knowledge.

However, everyone has the opportunity to “wake up” and begin to work with that energy. Man is a miracle, for he can work miracles if he has his own will to create!!!

So act, we await your decision of what you want to do! 

Master Toruka

Wisdom for the end

“No one has ever overcome the limits of their body by thinking about how to overcome those limits. Taking action is the first step to shifting!”

Marek Szweda