Marek Szweda


~ Personal experience ~


Last summer I went to explore for the first time in my life what the mountain Blaník, shrouded in legends and myths, looks like. It was at a time when it was really hot, around 40 degrees almost every day, so I thought it would be nice to go on a little adventure.

Even before I decided to go there, I was in a period of self-study, writing my books, contemplating life, and the idea of Mount Blaník came to me out of the blue that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to visit it at all – after consulting my masters, I was adamant that I would go there. And so it happened!

I’m sure you all know the legend of the Knights of Blanich, who ride to the aid of the Bohemians when the dark ages come. Self-explanatory, it is a metaphorical expression of the nature of the Czech nation itself, for in a crisis our nation always unites to such a degree that no situation is insurmountable for this strength of the Czech nation. The coming together of all the people in one synchronous wave, as when in the Middle Ages a trained army of ten thousand men in full armour entered its formation. Yes, this is exactly what the energy of the blanch knights would look like if we were to represent it in your physical world. (channeling)


So I set off on my journey to Blaník at sunrise, when I left Karviná by train and this began my approximately four-hour journey to adventure. On the way I was thinking what awaits me there, what I can experience there… Like everyone who goes on an adventure, I was excited! 🙂 Of course I went on this trip alone, I didn’t need much with me, just a small drink, my notebook for notes, and a light kimono with a scarf. I assumed it would be a day trip just for a “spin”, so I really didn’t take much. 🙂

Once I reached my destination after a long journey, I found myself in a small village where there really wasn’t much, and since it was Friday afternoon, the shops were no longer open, except for one small pub where I refreshed myself after the exhausting journey with a small refreshing kofola. 🙂 Then I went to Malý Blaník – because Blaník contains two main peaks – Malý Blaník and Velký Blaník – I didn’t know that myself before I checked on the internet which way to go! 😉

The path to Malý Blaník starts with a nice meadow path that follows a forest path that leads to the top of Malý Blaník, where you will come across a beautiful ruin of a chapel dedicated to Mary Magdalene on the way. Even before I went up to the area of this mountain, I was challenged on an energetic level by the guardian of these places to prove my intention. It was as if there was an invisible barrier that is felt by extrasensory people who perceive energetic structures.

After I sat in these places where I felt that barrier, I sat on a stone and spoke on the energetic level with the guardians of these sacred places. After I had finished talking with these guardians, I went further along the path to the aforementioned ruins of the Chapel of Mary Magdalene. As soon as I saw it, I was struck by the energy that surrounded the place. It was very strange with many shades (of different energy levels, feelings) both dark and wonderful pleasant shades of radiance coming from various places in and around this chapel.

After I had walked around this chapel and explored its various energy qualities, I went inside. Right in the middle stood a huge, massive tree that immediately presented itself to me as the guardian of this energetic place. People call it the Great Monk, it is a spruce tree, approximately 240 years old. However, it was very depleted on an energetic level. It’s not that the place is bad, but it’s the ceremonies that take place in these places that damage the natural harmony that would otherwise be maintained in these places.

After I had explored this chapel, I was tempted to look at other places in the Little Blaník, which is particularly special because of the rocks and large stones. There are beautiful stone formations right at the top, and I walked on them, climbing them to see the beautiful mountain in its full glory from above. In doing so, as I climbed these stones, I was invited to perform certain ceremonies to purify the energetic potential of these places and the individual “menhirs”. I did all of this on an intuitive level under the guidance of my spirit guide, and I felt very pleasant energies from these places afterwards. Part of this tour included a visit to several “mounds” or stone clusters that were scattered almost everywhere on this mountain. These have been cleansed of the inharmonious energies with which humans burden the very nature from which they draw its sacred energy for their own benefit. It is not that we cannot use the energy of Mother Earth, but that we must use it in harmony with her.

After I had walked all around this mountain and its interesting places, I returned to the chapel. Something told me that I should rest there and wait for something, but I did not know what, as it happens in cooperation with spirit guides. 😉 … As I rested on the bench in that chapel, I went into a state of complete relaxation and release, where I just perceived everything that was around me, as well as within me. It was at the point of that supreme relaxation that I was brought out of my reverie by a squirrel sneaking in through the entrance of that chapel and looking at me to see what I was doing there. I turned around and she sort of “smiled” at me and ran back into the woods! It was a beautiful gesture of the spirit of the place… 😉 After I had rested on that bench for about two hours, taking a little nap and a short meditation, two women appeared heading for the very chapel I was resting in.

They were both quite surprised that I was there and resting. They greeted me, and went to the guardian (the tree in the middle of the chapel) and began to perform some of their rituals. I watched them from a distance, waiting to see what would happen. They were two older yoginis, I guess. They walked up to the tree and placed their hands on it, feeling its energies, greeting it and going about their work. First, they both entertained themselves by making an energetic connection with the place, looking for a place to focus their ritual. With their eyes closed they both targeted the spot with the strongest energy signature, and after a few minutes they both agreed on the same spot. Once they agreed, they began digging a small hole in the ground next to the tree, right at the trunk, to place the crystal they had brought there. I couldn’t see what kind of crystal it was, what kind of stone, but it was okay, I kept watching and waiting to see what would happen next.
After these women put their crystal in the ground, they began a beautiful prayer. Truly beautiful, “asking” Father-Source and Mother Gaia to harmonize everything for the benefit of the knowledge of all and total peace in the world as well as in each person – I no longer remember the exact wording, but it was in line with my own knowledge at the time and therefore I was “thrilled”. After these women had performed their ceremonies and left with their farewells, I came to the place where they had placed their crystal and began to speak to the guardian in the language of the masters, harmonizing any energetic inequalities.

After I had rested sufficiently on the Little Blaník, I went directly to the Big Blaník. Here I was greeted by wonderful energies during my journey, which inspired me to sing. It is truly a beautiful energy, not only in feeling and energy, but also through visual impression. The trail to Velký Blaník is lined with beautiful trees, and throughout the journey you are accompanied by information boards telling the story of these places, truly beautiful and inspiring. Perhaps it is these tales that inspire people to be so positive in these places, to always have faith and move forward to follow their dreams. Because there is such energy there – HOPE!

I went directly to the legendary Veřejová rock, where there is a “gate” to other realms, according to the stories! The place itself oozes with the pure energy of Mother Nature, it is a great energy center that gives visitors the power to go after their dreams, no matter how heavy they are. (A big, heavy rock, yet it can move and release the entrance to other realms – such a beautiful metaphorical expression).

After seeing this place, I was somehow inspired to just lie down on one of the huge rocks and just relax in the sunshine with the birds singing and the forest rustling, thinking, meditating until the sun began to set.

I thought about making my way home while I could, but something told me I should spend the night in this place. I hadn’t really counted on it, I was ready to go home, but the inner voice, or the voice of this place, told me that if I could hold on, I would receive a very valuable gift from it! … Well, I couldn’t resist and overcame my ego and maybe my fear, and waited to see what would happen next!

It was a long time indeed, full of persuading myself not to get up and go while the last transport connections were still running. It was really cruel, because I have never spent a night like this in the nature, alone, without any equipment, in a light T-shirt and a kimono top… a challenge indeed! :)… Gradually I could feel the sun setting, although it seemed to take forever, as I was pretty much rested from the whole day, no energy expenditure…

And of course, what didn’t pass me by was dusk, when I got up from “my” rock and walked straight to the top of the Veřejová rock, where I watched the setting Sun, while practicing the energetic form of QI GONG, guided by the energy of Mother Earth and my guides. After practicing in this way, I went back to “my” rock, which I had bedded down with my light shawl so as not to be directly on it and get too dirty, and slowly prepared for the dark night.

I woke up many times during the night, whether it was due to the “discomfort” of the hard stone, mosquitoes, or the sudden rustling of leaves. It was indeed quite a horror story for some, I would say! 😀 I got quite used to the rustling of the leaves from the voles, but I was also woken up several times by howling, I don’t know if wolves live in these mountains or if it was the dogs from the village, but it outlined the whole atmosphere beautifully, where there was nothing to see at all, just the stars shining in the sky, which I watched admiringly as I woke up several times during the night. I looked at them with incredible admiration, they were so beautiful and bright, you felt like you were in some amazing movie, but it was real…. I believe that if I had not focused so much on external perceptions at that time and just managed to immerse myself in this view, I would have certainly seen many images, many wisdoms, but at that time I was “just” enjoying this amazing view and it completely captivated me and filled me with “magical” admiration.

The night was indeed long, it only lasted a few hours, but it seemed like ages before the sun itself would rise and I could return home. After the sun came up, I again made my way to the top of Veřejová Skála, where I performed the ceremony, part of which you can see in the video below.

After I practiced, I was told that wherever I sleep under the stars, just out in nature, I will be “forever” energetically connected to this place, wherever I am in the world. This is the gift I was promised, and it has been with me to this day and will be with me throughout my life.

Wisdom for the end

“He who looks beyond the “ordinary” learns much not only about himself, about others, but about everything.”

Marek Szweda 🐲🧐