Marek Szweda


~ Personal experience ~

Hey, everybody! As you know, I am a big fan of many different things, especially something new and unconventional, “alternative” (unless it involves trying new foods – like caterpillars and stuff, I refrain from that…) and so I want to share with you an experience I had during the last two weeks – a complete fast.

Many religions, or maybe even every one of them, have fasting encoded in their traditional practices – be it as part of some holiday, some life situation, purification and so on… Somehow I couldn’t help it, and since I am into meditation and spiritual themes and philosophy from time to time, I was drawn to try not eating for a few days, and so I did.

In total, I endured (or rather – I needed) 11 light days without any food, just plain cold water without any juices, without any calories, flavors and so on.

One is used to eating all his life and doesn’t realize then that he can go one day without food or water without running amok. It is a great realization, a great experience, that the body can function normally without any food, but not only that… During fasting the body is completely cleansed in the most simple, natural and effective way at the deepest levels – the cellular, that is, at the level of the stem cells. (clearly proven by scientific research – search)

Fasting initiates the body to break down everything that is inactive, that is unnatural, to remove minerals where they should not be, to remove cells that are no longer functioning or are too old and then to process these acquired resources to create brand new cells that are activated precisely at the prompting of the fast. But it is more complicated than that, because when people suffer during a fast, they should not do it. (a note to think about: there is a constant exchange of cells in the body, one cycle takes about 7 years)

When people do something out of compulsion, it hurts, they suffer, they can’t work with it (see people suffering from hunger in Africa, or prisoners for example). However, when one does it for the purpose of knowledge, harmonization of body and mind, the whole process adapts to that and it really will be of great benefit in your life.

There are people who live completely without water and food, there are people who eat sand, there are people …. who can imagine anything, because almost nothing is impossible, I would say. For example, there is an Indian who hasn’t eaten or drunk anything for 70 years because he was initiated to a goddess and there was an agreement between them… Doctors study it and they still don’t understand anything because there are deeper principles involved than the ordinary person experiences. This Indian can self-regulate his whole body, all the processes, and for being 80 years old, he is more vital than the average 40-year-old). What is not common is considered exceptional, unique, and yet people have the keys to all this knowledge and ability stored within them when they are interested in developing, exploring, trying…

One can’t really imagine, when one thinks about it, that all people wouldn’t need to eat, that they would only nourish themselves with prana (qi, ki, universal energy, kundalini,…) because people would have so much time, they wouldn’t need to earn their food, they wouldn’t need to spend hours cooking, and as a result it would change the life of all people on the planet… So here this realization is very important for me personally. I know I could easily go to prana and nourish myself through meditation, through this prana, or whatever we call it, but of course the question here is WHY? … How much joy do people experience when they eat in company, how much joy does it give your grandmother when she bakes you a cookie and you praise her for how delicious it is. We are here and we have these opportunities, these traditions, so let’s use them and eat together, but let’s not forget that when our body is not working properly, there are natural ways to fix it, not with drugs, not with food, but in this case maybe even with fasting.

How did the 11 days of fasting go?

Simply, on Sunday I arrived from Brno from my family, where they gave me a box with an amazing home-made bun, and I knew that it would be my last meal, because during the trip I had an incredible desire to not eat for a few days from the next day, out of the blue, just to test what it would enrich me with, and so it happened. I had that great bun that night and didn’t eat anything from the next morning.

Those 11 days were interesting, the body was realigning itself in some strange way, you could really feel it using a different energy than I’ve been used to my whole life, I haven’t quite been able to encompass that feeling and actively use it, but I know it was there and maybe next time I can understand it if I pay attention to it and focus my attention on it.

During the fast I did ordinary things, exercised, went to school, you have plenty of time when you don’t have to cook, don’t have to eat, and you don’t even get as much sleep. So there really is a lot of time for thinking and especially for FINISHING DIVIDED WORK, because somehow this fasting forces you to put in order both in the physical world, in the sense of the body and activities, cleaning the home, finishing the work in progress in life, but also in the mind and emotions, because it is all very closely related anyway.

So what do I mean?

I’m good! But no, it’s about reporting on an experience I’ve personally lived through, and maybe that way I’ll inspire someone to try it too, or at least someone to think about it… And besides, I like to write. 

Marek Szweda

Wisdom for the end

“One cannot afford to be different before lunch and different after lunch. He must not allow time or his innards or his bank account to determine his philosophy of life. He must create his own moral framework which will ensure the permanence of his personality.”

Andrew Fielding Huxley